Thursday, July 12, 2012


It was longer than 2 hours that I practiced today. Sometimes I act as planned. I did primary with some extra asanas. To practice daily is it. This is really the autobahn to progress.

I tried the exercises that shall help to learn to jump through, found from a yoga teacher from Toronto.
One is to sit with straight legs. The hands are next to the thighs. From that starting position one presses the hands against the floor, the legs shall slight backwards till the feet are between the hands. Impossible to do this by now. I could move the feet a bit closer. This exercise helps, I think. It strengthens the upper body. It shows what to do. The back must round.

It was easy to integrate third series asanas. All the leg behind head poses can be done before supta kurmasana.
Forward split can be done after supta parsvasahita.

I must take a picture of it. It's amazing that I learned so late that in kurmasana, the hips and the legs must come up from the floor. I thought that only the feet must be in the air. I can lift hips and feet in  this pose. It's time for a picture. Next time.

Most necessary beauty activites re my body I do myself. Only few things I have to delegate. Today I was at the hairdresser, got a nice cut and had the expected gossip about sex, men and where to travel.

I'm in anticipation of my practice tomorrow: second series and a few third series asanas.

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