Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The being at home again ritual

At home again and it feels good. Yesterday night it was too late to start my arriving ritual. Perhaps I was also tired. We travelled the entire day. At 12 we had left the hotel in Linköping with the rental car. We arrived just in time to get our flight back. There was time for a last common dinner at the airport. E flew in another direction than me. And here I am again, in Munich.

This morning I bought an online video on "how to jump back". Here is the link. I think I leared the missing part. I must exercise now.

Then I started my ritual: 
I unpacked my suitcase, dirty clothes in the bathroom, others back in the wardrobe.
I stepped on the scales, even though I knew  that I haven't gained weigth. Pashasana was possible easily on one of the last days.
When the suitcase is in the storage room my trip is finished. Here I am again.

Sweden was extreme good. To be here again is also extreme good.

I want to practice today. Might it happen. Energy is felt, motivation is high. 


Kitharo said...

Welcome back :) Hope good old Germany isn't too harsh the first few days :)

How is David Robsons DVD? I really enjoyed the video about his daily routine (although waking up at 3 AM would be too early for me) and he's surely truly dedicated.

And another article:


(Everyday I'm discovering something new...I didn't even knew this magazine before haha)

Ursula said...

Hi Kitharo,

Thanks and yes I feel good, it's even sunshine here to welcome me back.

The DVD by David is not a DVD, but an online video. For me it was worth the 10 Euro. I think I got the missing part. It's about exercising it. I'll watching this video again. I think it's good.

The community is growing. How wonderful.

Happy practices........

PS: wild yogis in Russia are indeed wild.....:)

Kitharo said...

I think it's kind of weird how the weather is changing like 4 times a day...as if we were in April, not July :)

Ah I see...and 10 Euros is really cheap. Maybe I should consider getting it...but what I'm really looking forward to is Maria Villella's "Learning the Primary Series" which they'll release in fall or so ...I love her teaching style.

Happy practice to you too :)

(I think Russian in general are pretty wild :))

Ursula said...

I have Maria's primary. It's great to watch her practicing. To practice with her is demanding as she's even faster than the CD by Sharath.

Why not challenge oneself, hahaha....

Kitharo said...

I really like her creative tips on postures, for example like here with Pasasana and the wall:


And I read it in the next post: in April 10 years Ashtanga? Let's hope for at least 50 more years :)

Ursula said...

She is excellent.

I learned from her really to press the hands in the floor. Always. This develops strength. Her practice is elegant.

My grandma passed away with 103. If i make it so long her, I'd had another 50 years.

Wait I'll post something......something inspiring, indeed. :)