Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Another sunny day

After breakfast I went to this engine room. I roled out my mat and practiced second series. My body needed it. I felt so stiff already. It was a bit fresh in the room. It's warm enough, I thought. Not another excuse today. I practiced in this dark room, one asana after the other.

With each asana the body became softer. Back bending, twists, forward bending poses, balancing poses, my body was stretched in all directions, I had a balanced practice. Back bending got worse. When I'll be back home I'll give back bending more attention. When travelling I'm happy when a pratice happens.

Exactly at 12am I was showered again. We checked out and we jumped into the car. Three hours later, lunch in an Italian restaurant included we arrived at the next hotel. We're again close to a lake. The lakes are huge here. Forrest is everywhere. A few cars are on the roads. That's it It's all very relaxed here. People are very friendly. Everybody speaks English. This makes it easier for me to ask for a vegetarian meal. 

As the sun sets so late, we'll have still time to explore the area and we'll even see something and I can take some pictures.......

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