Tuesday, July 31, 2012

...and from bakasana into handstand...

....this is not (yet) possible.

To think about and to perform only the next tiniest step, if no more is possible is what I've learned on the mat. In the long run this helps to progress. Somtimes many tiny steps are necessary, this is OK.

In the above case the next tiniest step could be to learn to fall forward. All balancing poses come with the fear to fall. If one knows how to fall savely one can move on to the next step. Perhaps it's good advice to push a cushion under the head first to make the landing softly. In order to lift the body up, it's necessary to move forward and then up. The arms must be strong enough to hold the body. I'm not sure if mine are strong enough already. This would mean I'd fall uncontrolled on my head, if I cannot hold myself. Knowing how to fall controlled one can exercise to lift up.

To be able to do this is not necessary, but nice. If you're a show-off it's a must to be able to do this. 

Off the mat I felt so reluctantly to write an Email to the Polish man who shall renovate the other room to make an appointment. I couldn't imagine how I should be able to empty the room. The task was too much and weighted me down. All the books that are in that room, where shall I put them. I broke the project down to the next tiniest step, the next breath so to say. This morning I wrote this Email. To make an appointment was the next step. I can wait now for the answer. Three days in advance I'll start to empty the room. It's possible, I stay positive. I will do what I can, the rest I must delegate. And the Polish man promised me to help me. It's like an adventure. I know already that I'll love it when this old carpet is gone.

I work on my yoga calender these days: If you, dear reader like to see an asana in that calender, let me know. Please comment. I'll see what I can do. 

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