Thursday, July 12, 2012


Also last night I didnd't sleep well. Again I woke up in the middle of the night. It was after 1am when I felt so lively that I left my luxury bed. I spooked around here, till I had the idea to take some night pictures with a candle, see above. It's all about light, also at night. Editing always finishes my photo sessions. Then comes the most difficult part. Which picture to publish? I'm bad at that. I also loved the black and white versions out of this picture series. The above one is the only one with color, my choice this morning.

That I wouldn't get up at 6am was predictable. Here I sit now, well-rested and full of energy.

Sometimes I think of a short practice in the evening, but it doesn't happen. It seems to be too much for me. I've nothing to prove. If I need 3 years or 4 years to be able to do a pose is unimportant. If I want to give an asana more attention I have to do it during my regular morning practice. Additional exercises can be done after the standing asanas or before the pose for which the exercise is. To repeat poses, to hold them longer are other methods.

Yesterday M asked me if I really like to learn the third series. Of course, of course. As humble as it might be by now, I want to learn it. I love to experience my edges and to push them, in yoga and in life, too. What is possible with me? I want to find out this.

Primary is on the schedule with some extra exercises and asanas........In classes I do strictly how it is supposed to be. At home I'm flexible.

Time to move on........

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