Monday, July 23, 2012

A break now

Second series and the asanas of third series this morning and all was good. What does this mean? I became a master in eliminating the near future and the future that is far away. Only the next breath was important. That way I was astonished myself when kapotasana was the next challenge. I had totally forgotten how challenging the third series asanas are, till I had to practice one after the other.

The group helps a lot to stay focused.

Tomorrow I'll practice at home. I hope I'll have the energy to work longer on back bending.

In the afternoon I was at the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. This lasts one hour and costs a little fortune, but it's worth it. Afterwards I was depleted. I know what I can do to return to my energy level and mood level. I took a bath.

Project "villa motley": I found  a sort of rubber that I put below the carpet. It's no more sliding now. I knew it, there is a solution for everything in our creative society. 

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