Sunday, July 08, 2012

99 pictures, my Sweden album is finished

99 pictures of Sweden

The Sweden trip is almost over. I'm checked in already for the flight to Munich at 6:15pm tomorrow.
At 12 we'll have to leave the hotel, then it's also time to drive from Linköping to Stockholm to be on time at the airport.

The lakes amazed me most here. They seem to be so large like the sea, but something is different. There are no waves when there is no wind. The air is clean, fresh.

To picnic on a boat in the middle of a lake is surely one of the special things one can do here.

Green, blue, brown, silver are the dominating colors. When you open my album (link above) and when you close the eyes a bit, you can get this impression.

A bit of luck one always needs if one travels. As nice as rain can be, it's better to have sunshine. We had even rather hot days, my face is tanned.

Solitude is a word that I combine with Sweden after this trip.

It's almost dark now at 11pm, I go to bed.


Laruga Glaser said...

I've loved seeing your experience of Sweden through your eyes. Lovely! I actually rarely make it out of Stockholm to see other parts of the country. It was nice to get more of a glimpse! :) Safe travels.

Laruga Glaser said...

Oh another thing. . . the first time I clicked on comments I was lead elsewhere (an add or something). I think it is some type of spam. Just thought I would let you know. I went back a second time and didn't have any problems.

Ursula said...

First thank you for telling me about the spam. This page also comes up when I close my blog-side. I must get rid of it. I only don't know yet, how.

Sweden IS beautiful. Uppsala is only 45 min away from Stockholm, Linköping 2 hours. And lakes are there, too. I recommend a trip on a moon day. Wink wink. I only missed you. What a pity. Enjoy Asia........
Tonight I'm back in Munich, bye-bye Sweden.

Kitharo said...

I love the album - you've taken so many great pictures. I clearly understand why you'd consider professional photographer as a career path, because there are so many wonderful shots..and Swenden definitely was a good model :)

The spam thing happened to me, too. I already googled how to get rid of it, but I also have no clue...did you find a solution?

Lennox Lacrameau-Miller said...

Thank you for all kind words about Sweden!

Ursula said...

Thank you Kitharo. I'm learning, I'm learning, and I think I got better.

Sweden is great, because the golden hour lasts hours. The light is amazing. To take a picture of a lake and to make this picture interesting is not so easy. It's blue if there is nothing else in the picture. That's where the photographer can be creative.

Spam: I hope that blogger/google will find a solution soon. I googled and I read that the issue is also on wordpress. I don't know what to do. When E is back he'll help me. It will be next week.
I'll keep you informed.

Have a good night.

Ursula said...

Hi Lennox,

Sweden is a most beautiful country. Nature fascinated me. I don't exaggerate when I say I became a fan of this calm country. Wow, 2 thumbs up.

To have these long days is also very interesting experience.