Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What say the yogis and yoginis?

Is this headstand (baddha hasta sirsasana B) straight enough for the yoga calender 2013?
Or do I have to shoot again?
The stone was so damned hard. I feared to fall. And then there were these little stones.
I don't want to manipulate.

I love the colors, I wish I'd be a bit more straight.

What do you think, yogi, yogini, reader of this blog? Feed-back is very welcomed. 

...and from bakasana into handstand...

....this is not (yet) possible.

To think about and to perform only the next tiniest step, if no more is possible is what I've learned on the mat. In the long run this helps to progress. Somtimes many tiny steps are necessary, this is OK.

In the above case the next tiniest step could be to learn to fall forward. All balancing poses come with the fear to fall. If one knows how to fall savely one can move on to the next step. Perhaps it's good advice to push a cushion under the head first to make the landing softly. In order to lift the body up, it's necessary to move forward and then up. The arms must be strong enough to hold the body. I'm not sure if mine are strong enough already. This would mean I'd fall uncontrolled on my head, if I cannot hold myself. Knowing how to fall controlled one can exercise to lift up.

To be able to do this is not necessary, but nice. If you're a show-off it's a must to be able to do this. 

Off the mat I felt so reluctantly to write an Email to the Polish man who shall renovate the other room to make an appointment. I couldn't imagine how I should be able to empty the room. The task was too much and weighted me down. All the books that are in that room, where shall I put them. I broke the project down to the next tiniest step, the next breath so to say. This morning I wrote this Email. To make an appointment was the next step. I can wait now for the answer. Three days in advance I'll start to empty the room. It's possible, I stay positive. I will do what I can, the rest I must delegate. And the Polish man promised me to help me. It's like an adventure. I know already that I'll love it when this old carpet is gone.

I work on my yoga calender these days: If you, dear reader like to see an asana in that calender, let me know. Please comment. I'll see what I can do. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

It was silent

It was silent today during our self-practice. Only the breathing could be heard. Oh, and a yogini who joined later chanted ohmmmmmm loud before she started her practice. We were 9 yoginis. Wow, this is a lot here.

Within the 2 hours I practiced the surya namaskaras of course, the standing sequence till utthita parsvottanasana, the middle part of second series (all of it, but nothing in addition) and the closing sequence. Flow happened. I knew 2 hours is not long.  A steady practice with an even rhythmic was what I aimed at and I got it.

As usual some asanas seemed to be better others not. This is OK. I love that I was so concentrated. No breaks, no dawdling, I was breathing, and I was moving according to the rhythm of the breath. Simple, isn't it.

Tomorrow I want to focus on the asanas of the third series. I'll do a lot of additional exercises after the twists. This is the plan.

Last led class

What was I glad that I got out of the house yesterday and to the shala. It was so comfortable at home. "The Rum Diary" by Hunter S. Thompson pleases me, it's a page turner. But I went to the led yoga class. I knew that M wanted to count us through second series. I was curious. We did not all of the asanas, but many. For the leg behind head poses he recommended alternatives for those who were not able to do it.

I sweated so much. Even my hair was wet like after a shower. My clothes were wet as if I had taken them out of the washing machine. This is so relative new to me that I sweat that much. Drops of sweat were running down my little body. Was it the warm weather or second series? Whatever, I was able to practice intensively and I enjoyed the ride.

....and from now on we yogis and yoginis are alone for 2 month. We can use the shala for 2 hours today. This is time enough for second series, not for the third series, too. I won't whip myself through all the asanas. What I can do regarding my rhythm I do, the rest can go to hell.

My focus today: back bending. I've new exercises that can help me to improve. I'll show them in the next posts.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Albert Einstein and Advaita

Interesting, interesting when a physicist says this. 

A break

After one hour of working one shall give oneself a break. Breaks fill the energy tanks and after a while one can go on, rested and motivated.

My pomodoro ( a timer in form of a tomatoe) runs 25 min and again 25 min. It's a simple but effective time management technique to limit the time for a task. Having breaks is part of it.

I feel ready again for the next 25 min.

What to practice during the summer break

I'll keep up my daily practice. Especially in summer time it's great to practice as the body is softer due to the warm weather. How shall my practices look like:

Friday is primary: the classic.
Sunday is second series: also classic. I'll do nothing else but second series. I'll practice also the standing asanas till utthita parsvottanasana.

Monday and Wednesday we can use the yoga shala also during the absence of our teacher: How good.
I'll practice second series and the 7 asanas of third series. The group will give me the energy to do it. I reach my limits here.

On Tuesday and Thursday I'll practice at home: I can play and focus on those asanas who need more attention. Tuesday I can focus rather on second and third series. On Thursday it will be primary and third series.

The following asanas need extra love: 
- Back bending, back bending, back bending.
- Hanumanasana, forward split (and side split, too). Being able to do this will help me a lot when doing third series. 

All vinyasas need attention, too. An elegant transition between the asanas is the goal. OK, at least I've a plan. 

Saturday is my yoga free day. I need that day for other activities: cleaning, hahaha....

Picture is taken yesterday in a beergarden. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kurmasana, the tricks

I learned it a few months back and I couldn't believe it what this yogini said to me: posterior and heels have to lift. I checked my books and it's true. Only chin and arms are on the floor. I hope it can be seen in the picture, but I'm able to do this.

The tricks:
1. First bring your knee almost over the shoulder when you get into the pose. Pose your hands on the floor and then slide the feed forwards. On a sticky mat I cannot slide so I turn my body around.
2. It's in almost every pose important also here: What is on the floor needs to be pressed firmly on the floor. Press your hands and arms on the floor.
3. It's easier if you point the feet in the beginning.
4. The thighs move inwards, it's as if you turn the legs inwardly.
5. Think "forward" (not upwards) and stretch forward, stretch, stretch. Finally the feet lift from alone. Start with the intention to lift the heels.It seems to be easier.
6. After a while shift the weight still a tiny bit forward so and you're up, only chin and arms are on the floor, comme il faut.

Don't forget to breathe.

The 2 most important steps: 
- press hands firmly on the floor
- think forward and stretch the legs.

I needed almost 7 years for this pose as it is now. Be patient. Nothing can be forced. Asanas happen when it's time, then it happens almost by it's own.

Today I'll go to a Mysore class and on Sunday to the led class before the summer break. 2 months we'll be on our own. We committed yoginis try to rent the room so that we can practice on our own. Might it happen. To have from time to time a group practice is so supportive. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's obvious, I want to be better than I am. Not on purpose, but my pictures teach me this. My hips fall backwards, the back is rounded, the head is moving forward so that I can touch the leg with my chin.

Also this asana aims at the hips, the muscle and the joints. Ideally one lifts up the leg straight. The back remains straight, the neck is in line with the spine. Dristi is the toe.

I tried it again. I think it even looks better.
There is no easy asana. My focus will be  the hips and the hamstrings and not bringing the head to the leg.

The secret is repetition, deep breathing, relaxing into the pose, holding it longer and enjoying it.

Late in bed

It was after midnight when I went to bed yesterday, late I got up this morning. So good that I can experience this as luxury and that I can enjoy it without insulting myself. No "but I should have..." can be discovered in my self-talk.

So good that I get back to my relaxed status quickly. When I find myself walking up and down in my rooms, gesticulating with my arms, talking loudly, trying to get across my point to absent people, I know I've a problem: my teeth. No, also this dentist won't repair all! my teeth, only because there is a new technology on the market. They are so intrusive these doctors. Greedy they are, nothing else, my teeth don't interest them. I must stop seeing myself as a victim, they have to accept my "no". My bf gave me good advice: "Say, that you're unemployed". The dentists assume savings if the patient has a certain age, yeah, but I won't spend my bit of money for a dentist so that he/she can pay back the mortgage faster. My body is not a car and my teeth are not the wheels. Might be that one has to substitute all 4 wheels together and not only 1 or 2. This metaphor doesn't convince me either. I intend to become 100 years, and how long does one have a car till it's totaly used up? I enjoy it if someone is a good salesperson and this woman who is cleaning my teeth is very good. She studied NLP, ha, me, too, I know all the tricks. I ate all the salty cashew nuts while I marched up and down in my rooms yesterday. These salty nuts were a wrong grip at the grocery store. I don't buy things with salt. Salt brings up the blood pressure. Nevertheless they tasted good.

I took a shower finally and went out to see a movie: Cosmopolis. The actor Robert Pattinson is indeed a very handsome man. This was the reason why I watched it till the end. The movie was intensive. Not every day I see that someone shoots with a pistol through his hand. This alone doesn't make a movie to a good one. The conversations were pseudo. A reviewer wrote that he cannot remember any contents, because it was pure nonsense what the actors had to talk. Me too, I cannot remember anything anymore of the dialogues. I remember that several times people were swinging dead rats. Also this is not enough to make a movie outstanding.
I got what I wanted: I was distracted from my teeth. Mission accomplished. I walked home from downtown afterwards. People sat still outside, some ate and smoked shisha, some slept already in the streets. It seems to me that also in such a rich city like Munich, poverty of so many cannot be hidden anymore.

My flight plan today:
1. Ashtanga yoga primary series
2. cleaning (project "villa motley), E will come back tonight, this motivates me

Picture 1: It's from 2006
Picture 2: Munich 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to get rid of a broken mirror

The Russian man didn't call back how promised.
Around the corner is another business that offers clearing out. I stopped there yesterday. Quickly we agreed on an appointment. The time span that I have to stay at home is not an entire afternoon, but 1 hour. Today between 1pm and 2pm they'll pick up this broken mirror. This was my tiny step in the project "villa motley", yesterday.
Today cleaning is necessary.
And I can make an appointment with the Polish men. To make this room empty is a nightmare. It's the largest room and full of books among other things. I'll have to put this stuff in my storage room, the yoga room, the kitchen....... OK I'm planning already how to manage this.........

Mysore class starts at 8am today. Before lunch time I'll be through my programme. Psychologically it is as if I've much more time when I start one hour earlier with my practice. Time, time, time.......better to have the feeling to need more time than to be bored.

Unbelievable, but also today it shall become hot. Yepeeeeee.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On pashasana

Does this twist improve?
I still need the blanket under my heels to prevent myself from rolling backwards.

Nevertheless I think this pose improved. I practiced it after the surya namaskaras.  I'm less flexible after the suryas than after the standing sequence, yet it's possible. I love that my toes and my knees are in line. If the posterior moves to the side, it's a sloppy practice. Then I recommend to sit on blocks to make the position stable for a while. I don't need this.

What can I do to improve? 
I must go deeper into the twist. The one shoulder might be able to move a tiny bit forward and the other one backwards. This can give me another inch. The goal is to reach the wrist with the one hand. My fingers still hook. 
Next time I'll take care of my bandhas. Engaging the bandhas might give me more stability. 

In sum the pose looks a tiny bit better. I want to think so. Hahaha........

Dristhi cannot be seen on the picture, I look to the side and not downwards. This makes a difference.

I practiced second series today, not one asana more. Hahaha........
When I omit the standing asanas it's planned to do the asanas of the third series. The energy level is different at the end of a practice and plans change then........

I feel the hips

I feel my hips on the front side. Good is I know why. I blame the new poses, especially durvasana. To stand up with one leg behind the head is advanced. My body has to get used to it. I was given this pose so that my hips open and they do, reluctantly, hahahaha......

My bf is already out of the house, on Thursday night he'll be back. 3 days I'll be alone here. So much is to do.

Next steps in the project "villa motley":
1. I must find someone who picks up the broken mirror.
2. I can make an appointment with the Polish man to get the other room renovated. I fear this as there are too many books in this room and too many other things, too, like the bed, 2 wardrobes, my desk. I have no clue how to get all these things out of this room. Nevertheless I don't want to stop half-way. Also in this room the wall-to-wall carpet is used up. It has to be done.
3. On Friday I can buy the wedges and a new board for the shelf.
4. On Saturday we can pick up the sitting environment from the Morroccan shop.
5. Oh and I can clean a lot.

I've another project: Yoga calender 2013.
Yep, there will be another one for next the next year.
Brainstorming is done and ideas are aleady written down. The shooting phase has started.
I hope I can double the turnover. This would mean to sell 4 calenders. I stay optimistic. :) 

Monday, July 23, 2012

A break now

Second series and the asanas of third series this morning and all was good. What does this mean? I became a master in eliminating the near future and the future that is far away. Only the next breath was important. That way I was astonished myself when kapotasana was the next challenge. I had totally forgotten how challenging the third series asanas are, till I had to practice one after the other.

The group helps a lot to stay focused.

Tomorrow I'll practice at home. I hope I'll have the energy to work longer on back bending.

In the afternoon I was at the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. This lasts one hour and costs a little fortune, but it's worth it. Afterwards I was depleted. I know what I can do to return to my energy level and mood level. I took a bath.

Project "villa motley": I found  a sort of rubber that I put below the carpet. It's no more sliding now. I knew it, there is a solution for everything in our creative society. 

Monday, a fresh start

Monday means to refresh the oath.
During the weekend the cups are emptied. This allows a new beginning without the stories of last week.
I want to practice every day this week. This is the main oath.....hahahaha......

My day started with a healthy breakfast: a fresh mango with soy yogurt and a few almonds, water and coffee. With this the atmosphere of the day is set: light, healthy, joyful.

Today I go to the Mysore class. Second series is on the schedule. Why do I always fear to practice when I had more than one day off? My fear to have a lousy practice or even to injure myself starts when I had 2 days off. It seems to be a bad thinking habit.
I'll focus on the breath today. This is always doable. The performance of the asanas has second priority.

I was busy with other important tasks yesterday than my yoga practice: I discarded books, even yoga books have to go: Learn yoga in a weekend is not a title anymore that convinces me. It's a huge collection of books that I have. To call it a library fits, too. The books must become less, less, less........

Next steps in the project "villa motley": Yesterday my mother gave me advice how to prevent that the carpet is sliding. To put a rubber ring that is usually used for jam glasses under the carpet shall help. I found the same recommendation online later. Buying some is on my to-do list of today. finding someone who'll pick up the broken mirror is another next steps in the project "villa motley".

Time to dress.......

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My yoga free day

He sat down and smiled. This smile told me that he was surprised positively. It was comfortable this Arabic sitting environment. We only had to decide which cushion to choose. The Moroccan salesman was too good. Polite, not intrusive. Mint tea made of fresh mint leaves was inclusive. Later he winked at me as if we were accomplices. He remembered me from my last visit. People always remember me. It was not that I wanted to persuade E, I wanted that he liked this sitting environment. I'm so glad that we agreed. Next week we'll pick up the seats. The cover will be sewed by a woman. This must still be done. The cushions we carried home. At home I was strong enough to through out the old ones. To be honest I don't want to waste too much time on furniture.

I prepared a salad with everything that was fresh in the grocery store for dinner. As a side dish I had prepared potatoes. Red wine, the light of a candle made the dinner perfect.

The project "villa motley" progresses.

Next steps are indeed, cleaning the kitchen, the windows, the bathroom, picking up the seats, buying rubber rings so that the carpet is not sliding. And then the horror step comes: The floor of the other room must be renovated. I have to carry out all the books. This room is a library. Three days in advance I'll start emptying the room. It's not possible to do everything on my own. The Polish men promised me to help me. It will all happen in September. Hopefully.

Tomorrow I'll step on the mat for second series. I need it. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

I went.

I went to the Mysore class this morning and enjoyed the asanas of the primary series. Our M was physically absent. We all know what we have to do. This is so good in Ashtanga yoga. Everybody can practice alone.

It was probably not my best practice ever. I don't know a better way to get flexible and strong again, but to step on the mat and to do what is possible.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'll not practice one of the series. On Sunday is no led class, so I'll beginn my yoga week with second series. Cassic, comme il faut.

This was it about yoga.

It's cold outside. I don't know how often I've written this this "summer". It even rains. The theatre that plays the documentary on Woody Allen tonight is round the corner. I'll go.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hunting a new mirror, checking the body

It's the largest mirror shop in Europe even where I've been totay. They exhibit mirrors with golden frames, silver frames, wooden frames. The shop itself is huge. They offer to produce the mirrors exactly in the size that one needs. Only mirrors with 2 wings, they don't have. A mirror with 2 wings on each side one, can be closed and opened. Not to underestimate is that one can check how the backside looks.

The word "to check" provokes another topic: my body. No, not the weight. I sat on the floor this evening and put my body in the asanas of the primary series. My left hip seems to be OK again. I wanted to check if it makes sense to go to the Mysore class tomorrow morning. I will go. I feel good.

Despite this mirror setback the project "villa motley" progresses. Tomorrow the shelf shop is reopened and I can try to get the wedges which I will move under one side so that my shelves stand evenly. On Saturday we'll test the Arabic floor solution. Sometimes tiny step happens, sometimes it is as if a step back happens. Step backs require additional time and patience and a relaxed mind. Sometimes huge steps happen.
I'm not yet fully consoled that the floor has scratches already. I must say they are so tiny that my bf didn't see them: "Where is it?" he asked me. But then he went over it with his finger and a splinter injured his skin. It should be possible to grind it. The Polish men will be able to do it. They will come again to renovate the other room. It's overdue, too.

I had a perfect floor. Perfection doesn't come into being very often. When it happens, it disappears soon. Then the label "under construction" can ge given again. I sense it, this is it what is perfect. That everything changes all the time. Stillstand would equal cemetry. So let's move on.........tomorrow I'll get perfect wedges. Please. 

I broke the mirror

I must have touched it. After the renovation of the floor the mirror didn't lean against my book shelf, but against the corner of the wardrobe. I even considered to leave it there. Suddenly I just had left the room with a bang it toppled over and fell on the carpet. After recovering from the shock, I checked first the floor, then the mirror. The legs of the mirror have left traces on the NEW floor. The mirror is broken. Also the Indonesian chest has scratches.

Everywhere were splints of glass. I swept them on a shovel. Then I schlepped the mirror like a dead body into the other room. There it is now.

It's all additional work for me. Someone must dispose this broken mirror. It's heavy, I cannot do it alone. Again I need help.

Feelings: I could shoot me to the moon. How could I be so scatterbrained. Awful me. For the next 15 years I'll get reminded of this moment today. I pulled the carpet already over this mishap.

I'll eat out to console me. 

The Arabs have a sitting on the floor culture

On the project "villa motley": 
We want to sit on the floor. Not when we eat, but when we read and we watch TV. To sit on the floor needn't mean that one has it uncomfortable.
Yesterday I went to this Moroccan shop that offers furniture, tea glasses, silver plates, draperies and other beautiful things.
I told the owner of the shop what I was looking for. He invited me in another room where he had already prepared an Arabic sitting corner.
He: "I've just made a tea, would you like to have one".
Me: "Oh, yes, thank you."
I realized that the  tea with fresh mint leaves was prepared after my arrival and especially made for me, even though he had told me that the tea was ready already. He wanted to make it easy for me to say "yes". The Arabs are perfect hosts and perfect salespeople.

"People feel differently when they sit on the floor, more relaxed more private," he told me. "One talks about different topics when sitting on the floor, one is more open. Sitting on chairs is stiffer and this has an influence on the conversation and the relationship between the people."

For us, my E and myself it's also that U, a friend of us, who passed away a few years ago, continues living with us via that habit. He loved to sit on the floor, too.

Silver, gold, lilac, deep red, black..........what color combinations. I took a few shots to show it to E. On Saturday we'll both go to test sitting there again. Only he must get convinced, I am already.

Yoga: Today I want to return to the mat. It will be a modest practice. The left hip was pulled more than I want to admit. One must practice Ashtanga yoga daily. Too long breaks risk injuries. I'll practice primary, slowly, slowly and very attentively. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me, a nest builder

I discover talents: nest building talents. Step by step I improve our home. Yesterday a huge step was done. The new floor makes a difference. That the walls and ceilings are no more grey is refreshing. It still smells of paint.
Main task is to let go. Space is beautiful. Not less is more, but much less is more. Also today I feel strong to go on with my project. I have to. Only half of the things are back on place. I'm optimistic that I can do a lot today, not everything.

The carpet is sliding now, hahahaha......I'm sure that our system that is based on goods has created something that will solve this issue.
We need a new board for one of the shelves. I need spiling wedges under the shelves. This seems to be not much, my experience is it all takes much longer than one thinks.

From time to time I walk in my yoga room and admire the work, I smell the paint and I'm content.
Project "villa motley" is not yet finished. There is another room with a wall to wall carpet. It has to go, too. It will be in September.

Due to my hip I won't go to the Mysore class today. It seems that I've been too committed during one of my last practices. It's easier to practice modest when I'm alone. It's better already.

Time to be active..........

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Nothing is more beautiful but space. It's so rare. If I were alone I'd let the room as it is for another day or two. But we both must live again somehow, we must return to a functional daily life.

I'm very happy with the work of the Polish men. The floor is perfect. I love the color and finally this dirty carpet is gone.

Now it's my turn. I'll be so picky what I'll return to that room. It shall not be overloaded again, yet comfortable.

Time to attack this task. :) 

Still early in the morning

At 9am the 2 Polish men will come again. It was such a good idea to delegate also painting the walls. I'm not able to change the floor, but the walls I've painted by myself 15 years ago. Nevertheless not everything that is possible needs to be done by myself. If someone else can do it better it's good to delegate.
The renovation of this room was overdue. The color is a tiny bit different than it has been, one has to get used even to tiny differences. It's again yellow, more yellow than on the picture. I bit too much yellow, I think now. The color was my choice, now I have to accept it.

What is great: not a tiny bit of dust is in that room anymore. It will be absolutely clean when I put things back. I'll be very picky what I'll put back. Especially my clothes and shoes must become less.

That this renovation happens now, makes me happy. My project "villa motley" progresses. It seems to be a natural process even. It's easy going.

I also want to have the other room renovated.

Yesterday E and I ate out at an Indian restaurant. I told him that I'd throw out a lot of things, also the incenses. But he likes them. He suggested to burn incenses more often. It amuses me that he loves such Indian atmosphere. He also loves to sit on the floor. When I hear this, I know we fit together. The average citizen wants to sit on a chair.

Yoga: It was not possible to practice. First these craftsmen were here the entire day, secondly all rooms are full of things that I moved out of this one room. Yoga shall support my life, sometimes I must push it away from the first place. The room that gets renovated is also my yoga room. I'll have it so much easier to clean it with the new floor. Wall to wall carpets collect dust and dirt, no matter how often one vacuums. For my yoga and pranayama exercises a clean room is the best environment. To work on last but not least making my life simpler had priority yesterday and today.

Oh, and this morning I felt my left hip, not the joint, but the muscle outside. I must have overstretched myself. I curse. Only a modest practice will be possible. I think it's always good to do a practice. One can practice around the "injury". This is part of the path to be confronted with setbacks from time to time. The day off today will be good, perhaps. I can meditate.

The planning of my yoga calender 2013 is in full swing. With this complaining hip, planning is everything I can do.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The tiger handbag tells me a lot.....

....and not only that it's great to be on a shopping spree in the Western world. This is much fun, who doubts this. To buy a tiger hand bag is a choice.

This tiger handbag tells me that we all love to live some tigerishness. Roooooaaaaaaar.

The room is empty.

My room is empty. Tomorrow I expect these 2 men who will renovate it.
Oh, I just received a message from the boss when they will come. This relieves me. One never knows who is reliable and who not. Hahaha.......

It's so amazing how many things can be stored in a room. I threw things away already. I will think twice what I'll return when all is done, the floor, the walls and the built-in closet. Clothes have to go, this is for sure. Also books.

The project "our villa motley" progresses.

Today I thought I want to live in a way that I don't need help to keep my things updated. I want to clean by myself, because I can do it better than anybody else. Lol. I have a professional approach to everything.
A flat with a balcony and few things shall be enough. A garden or a car requires a lot of time and support by others. Support means it costs something. Simplicity is what I want. Step by step I march in this direction and a feeling of being liberated comes up.

Today is the led class and I'm so not at all in the mood to go. It's cold outside. Next practice would be on Wednesday, if I won't go. To hang out in a restaurant with my kindle would cheer me up. To bath would have the same effect. I don't know if I'll go to the yoga class or not. I'm so indecisive. This happens from time to time, too. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My yoga free day

No, I was not bored. No, not at all.

I was downtown and took pictures of the Christopher Street Day. It was so much fun.

If you like to see more pictures, you can circle me at Google+. A link is on the right side of this blog.
Good night. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rolling Stones LIVE - "Let's Spend The Night Together" - on TOTP, '67

50 years Rolling Stones. 
It has to be, I've to publish one of my fav songs. 

Oh the energy of Mick, a vulcano he is. 
So fucking cool the others.


It was longer than 2 hours that I practiced today. Sometimes I act as planned. I did primary with some extra asanas. To practice daily is it. This is really the autobahn to progress.

I tried the exercises that shall help to learn to jump through, found from a yoga teacher from Toronto.
One is to sit with straight legs. The hands are next to the thighs. From that starting position one presses the hands against the floor, the legs shall slight backwards till the feet are between the hands. Impossible to do this by now. I could move the feet a bit closer. This exercise helps, I think. It strengthens the upper body. It shows what to do. The back must round.

It was easy to integrate third series asanas. All the leg behind head poses can be done before supta kurmasana.
Forward split can be done after supta parsvasahita.

I must take a picture of it. It's amazing that I learned so late that in kurmasana, the hips and the legs must come up from the floor. I thought that only the feet must be in the air. I can lift hips and feet in  this pose. It's time for a picture. Next time.

Most necessary beauty activites re my body I do myself. Only few things I have to delegate. Today I was at the hairdresser, got a nice cut and had the expected gossip about sex, men and where to travel.

I'm in anticipation of my practice tomorrow: second series and a few third series asanas.


Also last night I didnd't sleep well. Again I woke up in the middle of the night. It was after 1am when I felt so lively that I left my luxury bed. I spooked around here, till I had the idea to take some night pictures with a candle, see above. It's all about light, also at night. Editing always finishes my photo sessions. Then comes the most difficult part. Which picture to publish? I'm bad at that. I also loved the black and white versions out of this picture series. The above one is the only one with color, my choice this morning.

That I wouldn't get up at 6am was predictable. Here I sit now, well-rested and full of energy.

Sometimes I think of a short practice in the evening, but it doesn't happen. It seems to be too much for me. I've nothing to prove. If I need 3 years or 4 years to be able to do a pose is unimportant. If I want to give an asana more attention I have to do it during my regular morning practice. Additional exercises can be done after the standing asanas or before the pose for which the exercise is. To repeat poses, to hold them longer are other methods.

Yesterday M asked me if I really like to learn the third series. Of course, of course. As humble as it might be by now, I want to learn it. I love to experience my edges and to push them, in yoga and in life, too. What is possible with me? I want to find out this.

Primary is on the schedule with some extra exercises and asanas........In classes I do strictly how it is supposed to be. At home I'm flexible.

Time to move on........

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Less is more

Just a reminder.

Tomorrow I'll throw out all my towels.

I'll substitute them. Every home needs some towels. But how many?

2 huge bathing towels and 3 smaller towels for E in blue, because he's a man. 1 huge bathing towel and 3 smaller towels for me in red, because I'm a woman. 

The Long View at 92


She is fantastic. 

A big thank you to P for sending me this. 

101 year old yogi

Feel inspired. And motivated. I am. 

It's not yet 12.....

...and my yoga practice is done, because I went to the Mysore class this morning. It was not sure if I'd go. It was difficult to fall asleep last night. At 2am I woke up again, walked around here. 4 hours sleep, when I want to get up at 6am, I counted. I went back to bed. In the morning I got up and I went.

Nevertheless, I wanted to have a relaxed start. A few practices happened during my trip to Sweden. I didn't practice every day. A few nights we had hotel rooms where the aisle between bed and wall was small. This didn't invite me to practice. I know that this is an excuse. But now I'm back. And the possibility to practice are excellent.

I started with primary today. I wanted to apply what I think will help me to jump back, comme il faut. I must shift all the weight forward. This can be done when I role the upper arms inwardly and the back shall round. This must be exercised isolated.

I started sweating before having done the first sun salutation. This said everything. Sweating is good. I lived very healthy in the last days. This has always a positive influence on the body. The joints feel oiled. Bad food and alcoholic beverages is like sand in the machinery. I left the mat with totally wet clothes on.

Relaxation was deep. I scanned my body. Big toe......relaxed......second toe......relaxed.......and so on......When I was through this exercise I was between being awake and being asleep. The body was motionless, so was the mind, but attention was still there. Indeed this is a relaxed status of being.

What needs special attention:
1. Upavishta konasana: When I read I can sit in this position. This will surely help to open the hips.
2. Urdhva dhanurasana: I don't know why I'm so patient here. Back bending needs extra exercises when I want to get better at it. An evening practice that lasts 30 min could be good. I could add pranayama and meditation afterwards
3. The vinyasas. Difficult, difficult.

Next year in April I practice Ashtanga yoga for 10 years. By then I want to be able to do all these great asanas, that I just mentioned. Primary shall not have any constructions by then. Amen. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The being at home again ritual

At home again and it feels good. Yesterday night it was too late to start my arriving ritual. Perhaps I was also tired. We travelled the entire day. At 12 we had left the hotel in Linköping with the rental car. We arrived just in time to get our flight back. There was time for a last common dinner at the airport. E flew in another direction than me. And here I am again, in Munich.

This morning I bought an online video on "how to jump back". Here is the link. I think I leared the missing part. I must exercise now.

Then I started my ritual: 
I unpacked my suitcase, dirty clothes in the bathroom, others back in the wardrobe.
I stepped on the scales, even though I knew  that I haven't gained weigth. Pashasana was possible easily on one of the last days.
When the suitcase is in the storage room my trip is finished. Here I am again.

Sweden was extreme good. To be here again is also extreme good.

I want to practice today. Might it happen. Energy is felt, motivation is high. 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

99 pictures, my Sweden album is finished

99 pictures of Sweden

The Sweden trip is almost over. I'm checked in already for the flight to Munich at 6:15pm tomorrow.
At 12 we'll have to leave the hotel, then it's also time to drive from Linköping to Stockholm to be on time at the airport.

The lakes amazed me most here. They seem to be so large like the sea, but something is different. There are no waves when there is no wind. The air is clean, fresh.

To picnic on a boat in the middle of a lake is surely one of the special things one can do here.

Green, blue, brown, silver are the dominating colors. When you open my album (link above) and when you close the eyes a bit, you can get this impression.

A bit of luck one always needs if one travels. As nice as rain can be, it's better to have sunshine. We had even rather hot days, my face is tanned.

Solitude is a word that I combine with Sweden after this trip.

It's almost dark now at 11pm, I go to bed.

Brainstorming Sweden

10 nouns: 
- Lakes,
- Forest,
- American vintage cars,
- self-made jam,
- Silence
- Space
- Rain
- Solitude
- The end of the world
- Bright nights

10 verbs: 
- chilling out
- piqniquing on the boat
- riding a bycicle
- walking the dog
- lying in the sun
- gazing at the lake
- being relaxed
- smelling freshly cut grass
- admiring the ordinary, because it's so special
- deep breathing

Sweden is a recommendation, for sure. 

It's raining

On our last day here it's raining. The place in front of the hotel is deserted. The tables and chairs are still there and remind me of the party that was in full swing yesterday night.

Water is a word that I combine with Sweden. Huge lakes and rain belong to that country.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The birds

Oh, there is a night life in Linköping. We were part of it. Not till the end.

We can still hear it from our hotel room, the party goes on.

Hot pants and high heels is the fashion here.
We enjoyed to be among all the young people here.
Look here, look there. "Wow" and "oh", and "oh no" and "wow" again........

We're the flute

...not the player.

Arrived in Linköping.
The hotel is downtown. When we open the window we can see the tents under which the restaurants are.
The room is so large that I've no excuse anymore not to practice. We even stay 2 nights here.

The sun is shining.

This trip gave me so many frames. So many "oh's" and "ah's" could be captured in a picture.

Time to focus again on what's going on around me.

Friday, July 06, 2012

In Kristinehamn, Sweden

It's all about relaxation on that trip. We're again in a village where cats and dogs say good-night to each other. I'm remembered of the Western "High noon".

The hotel must have been built in the last century.

Observing birds, lying on the grass, feeling how the wind cools the skin that got warm from the sun, experiencing room, this is Sweden.

A huge lake and one or two ships on it.