Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"You make me happy."

Me: "You make me happy."
He: "I hear this often."

Many of us are unable to do little technical things, so little repair remain undone. This I heard between the lines. I also have no drill machine. This man who brought this mattress offered his help to fix the bed again. Not for free, which is OK. He was prepared and fast the work was done to my satisfaction.
My bf has no time for such activities and I'm unable to do it. Lol. This means I must delegate.
The man was from Russia and an autodidact. He had built a house, he told me to assure that he's expertise. I trust him. If someone is good at German language, I pretend that he/she is good at other things, too.

What a relief. My mattress is not on a broken bed now, but on a fixed one.
The man also sold me a cover for the mattress, for half the price as usual. It makes sense, lol.

I wonder if this is a Champagne day today? I've always one in the fridge.
Not sure, it's so great to have a clear mind.

Is that a great feeling to get things done, however. 

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