Thursday, June 07, 2012

What an awesome practice

Yes, yes, I practiced. Primary was on the schedule with some extras like hanumanasana (forward split). I gave energy to the back bending asana "urdhva dhanurasana" at the end. This pose suffers. I was able to drop back, but I did it only once.
That I'm not yet able to jump backwards comme il faut, drives me crazy. Good is that I think I know now what needs to happen next. The body must shift forwards and the back must round. I get closer and closer.

With primary and second series I've a lot of asanas. One can practice them so and so. There are variations of the vinyasas, also here one can challenge oneself. The following topics become more meaning:
- concentration
- the breath
- meditation
- healthy eating
- awareness (on and off the mat)

I also love to work on my weakness: back bending. It was indeed very good today. I did preparation asanas like ustrasana. Whatever helps, is allowed.

Oh, the sun can be seen through the curtains, time to prepare for strolling around with E.

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