Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They are winners

"They are winners," the coach of the German natianal soccer team said after one match of the European Cup and leaned back in his chair.

He explained what he meant with it. They (the soccer players) don't give up when things get tough. They stay optimistic. Injuries or goals of the other team doesn't change this approach. Setbacks have no influence on the behavior. The success is built on strong roots. These roots are  positive thoughts: It's doable, they think and they give their best.

I think when practicing Ashtanga yoga long enough we build this roots, this conviction that much much more is doable than we might think first.

Having this written down, I realize again that yoga is a practice for the body AND the mind.

Starting with the asanas is best advice. Practicing daily leads to success, it leads to a strong and flexible body and a concentrated and optimistic mind. More and more poses will be possible with time. This is convincing.

Durvasana is on the picture: This pose is 2 weeks old. It's a balancing pose and it opens the hips. If you don't understand a pose, think of your hips to get to a aha-moment. It has potential. 

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Kristie Lonczak said...

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