Sunday, June 03, 2012


What a party. We returned at 1:30am. This happens only when we're invited at R.
W played guitar again, A played the trumpet. We had excellent food, everyone has brought something vegetarian. I had made my Indonesian salad with pepper, iceberg lettuce, pineapple, cashew nuts, citron, ginger, chili.......2 new people were invited. Oh, and everybody had an exciting story to tell.
R is a very good host. She takes care of everything and everybody.

In the afternoon my E and myself were downtown. I wanted E to test the mattress that I've found the other day. He was convinced, too. At once. It's possible to get different grades of hardness within one mattress. On my side it will be a bit softer than on his side. The salesperson convinced me that I need it softer than E who weights double as much as I do. Hahaha, it's high-end. The difference between our mattress now and the one in the shop could be felt at once. We'll sleep so great. They deliver within 3 weeks.

OH, what was this, I heard a sound and went to the balcony door. It's raining again. On my way to the balcony I passed by the entrance door. I saw the schedule of the European Cup there. I smiled. E has pinned it on the door for me. The matches with the German soccer team are highlighted. :) This guarantees that I won't miss a match.

Yesterday was my yoga free day. It's amazing how much I accomplish on my day off. To have a day off is such a good habit. It keeps me more relaxed than an additional practice could do.
Today I'll go to a led class, primary is on the schedule.

The picture is from my archives: It's taken in Natal, Brazil in 2010. 

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