Saturday, June 09, 2012

So late already

It's Saturday and my yoga free day. The mind wants often more at least a tiny practice, but the body is the brake. The mind has another speed than the body. The mind can jump around and doing handstands and drop backs,while the body is still relaxing on the sofa and even too lazy to get up to make another coffee.

This gap is not satisfying.

In yoga we bring body and mind together. The mind shall become slower and focused, concentrated, the body has to move. Lol.

And I'll move to the grocery store as soon as I've finished this post. I'll cook today and I need ingredients. A light meal is planned: asparagus with an exotic sauce and a banana dessert.


gorangosho said...

Tumb up;)

Anna said...

Good luck tonight Ursula - I'm rooting for your team!

Ursula said...

Yeah, relieved. 1:0

Anna said...

I'm guessing a heart attack at the 88th minute?? !!

Ursula said...

Anna, so quickly we don't get a heart attack. It's just the beginning. :)