Friday, June 01, 2012

Slightly overstretched

Slightly overstretched. Emphasize is on slightly.This is exactly the reason why I think that one week off is too much. I took care, but one doesn't feel it when one stretches too far. It's all OK, it's not that bad, sensitive as I am I feel  of course the slight discomfort when I stretch.

Primary today again in a Mysore class. I'm looking forward to it.

I seriously think to change my morning routine. The idea is to work on my projects (the writing projects) in the morning when I'm still fresh, before yoga. My goal is to work 2 hours. I usually get up at 6am. At 7am I could be ready for working. E usually leaves the house rather late. When he's at home I don't start with my yoga practice, but I could really write. I'll try it. After yoga I need to relax, often this time is longer than I wish it were. But I also remember the movie "Der atmende Gott": The daughters of Krichnamacharya described their days. In the morning they did yoga for hours and then they relaxed.Then they did pranayama and meditation. They relaxed. They didn't hurry to any duties or work.
I'll try it.

I found a rather interesting book lately: It's "Accidental genius" by Mark Levy. The kindle edition is available, too. It's also translated into German. Mark also recommends to use a timer when writing. He uses it in a flexible way. Why not setting the timer for 10 min, if one has just an idea.
To start anything is an art. To finish things consciously has a lot of influence of the intensity of the work. I can only recommend to think about this technique.

Yoga: Today I want to observe how I practice chaturanga dandasana. I think I've to go forward when I lower down. This is also my problem when I want to jump backward. I'm not able to shift my weight forward.
Ah, my picture is enlightening. I think the lower arms need to be parallel to the wall. Details count. 

The picture above is from the archives, from 2006.

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Kitharo said...

Hi Ursula :)
you should give it a try... I recently changed my morning routine and I feel much more energized now. I think it's great to do yoga "right out of bed/after coffee" but it wasn't for me give it a try :)

Oh an I've another article for you

so many Ashtanga arcticles at the moment :)

Have a nice day (oh and: welcome back on the mat;))