Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sitting at the airport... Grand Café Stockholm. I invested in a wifi connection to send a message to E. He's on his way from the main station to the airport.

Just before leaving my home in Munich I realized that the battery of my mobile phone is low, I scarcely use it anymore. Good that there are so many possibilities to communicate.

I understand no word here. Swedish is so different from German language or English language. But they speak English here very well. How good.

Sweden is off the Euro-zone. Somehow I hope that the Euro-countries manage it to keep this common currency. It makes travelling so much easier.

I'm in best mood.
Not everybody likes to travel. I hear this again and again. I do.
The morning was rather hectic. To pack the suitcase lasted much longer than usual. I didn't know what to pack. I hope it's warm here, but I fear it can be fresh, too. To carry around heavy luggage is not so such fun. Waiting at the airports is doable with a kindle and wife-connection. Travelling means to get out of routines. One must improvise. The senses get new impressions. For me it's worth all the effort.

I'm so happy to be here.

Picture: from the air.

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