Sunday, June 17, 2012

A relaxed Saturday

 I even cooked something for myself yesterday: Asparagus with an Asian inspired dressing. The dessert, chocolate soy pudding with strawberries was delicious, too.

You can find the recipe on my vegan blog.

Saturday is my yoga free day. I need that time for other things. It relaxes me much more to have more time than to practice yoga. Things get done, or at least I've the time to initiate things. Yesterday I was for instance in the bicycle shop round the corner. My bicycle needs a check and it needs to be cleaned as it was in the cellar for 2 years. It makes no sense to take it to the shop before Thursday, I've learned. To find this out took me perhaps 15 min. I had the time and the energy to find this out.
I had time for photography and I worked on my project "flat".

A day off keeps the motivation high.

Today a led class is on the schedule: Primary. My focus will be the vinyasas. At the end I want to give my best for urdhva dhanurasana. 

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