Friday, June 22, 2012

Pictures of the last days

In the evening or at night it rains these days. Then it cools down. 2 days ago it rained so much that my neighbours, me too, stepped on the balconies to see this spectacle.

Another lunch from the new Yam Deli can be seen on the picture. This tiny restaurant seems to become a meeting point for yogis and yoginis.

I need another coffee. 
Yesterday I was mentally busy with my photo session with this praliné dealer from Maroc. Before the session he agreed that I could show the pictures. The photo session was great and I took a lot of really excellent photos. He loved them, too. Nevertheless the Email conversation got more and more aggressive. He thought I could sell the picture. Nobody would buy them, but him. I get to the point: I fear he had a tiny bit more expectation of our meeting than I had. Shall I complain that men are behind me? No I don't. Next time I must get signed the model contract. Then I can use the pictures for my portfolio. Such a pity that they slumber now in a box.

Next photo session is tomorrow with a former colleague of mine. I'm looking forward to meet her. I'm excited. If she will sign the model contract? Shall I ask her?
I've good ideas for our session.

Time to prepare for yoga: second series today in a Mysore class.


Kitharo said...

Morning :)
Do you do this photo sessions as a job? Or as an oportunity to take great pictures? I'm confused haha... Anyhow: get them to sign the model contracts so we can see the pictures, too ;)
Btw, I envy you and your vegan restaurant :)
Sunny greeting

Ursula said...

Not yet, not yet, Kitharo.

It's the idea to bring it to a profesional level, which means to become so good, that people like me to pay.
I still need a bit more experience.

This vegan restaurant is great. I was there today again.

Yep, we need a bit of sun. It's cold again. Trenchcoat weather.

Kitharo said...

Ah I see...but then it's nice to have all these different "objects" to make photos off.. then you can practice and do what you love :) (and you know I like your portaits ;))

Have fun tommorrow!

Ursula said...


It seems doable.

I'm excited and it will be fun.