Saturday, June 30, 2012

On the road again...

On the road again: today we drove from Uppsala to Gävle. It's a 90 min drive on a calm autobahn.

Suddenly a Chinese center was on the right side. The architecture, the things for sale and the restaurant, everything was Chinese. We had lunch there.....

Wow, the landscape is most beautiful in Gävle. We walked around, the wind blew, the sun was shining.

For tomorrow I've a plan. I want to get up early. There is a water heater in the hotel room, so that I can prepare my first coffee to get me ready for yoga. I've also enough space to role out my yoga mat. Ah, how good. Only laziness can stop me tomorrow, but this won't happen.

After 12 we have to leave the hotel. This shall be enough time for my time-consuming morning rituals.
Tomorrow it goes eastwards to a sea. 

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