Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh, oh, I feel my hips

Yesterday I went to a Mysore class. This was good. A big thank you to all the yoginis you made the way to the shala. My practice wouldn't have been so intensive as it was, if I practiced alone. The longer one practices, the closer one can get to one's limits. For the time being, I reach my limits. Second series and 7 asanas of third series exhausts me. I know it can only get better.

Durvasana is possible. Not that I stand upright. But I can balance, even when I do this pose alone. It shall stretch my body, especially the hips and it does it. This morning I feel my hips again even though I practiced with care. The leverage is very strong when standing up. I wasn't for 5 breath in that pose. I didn't count. I was so busy to balance and to stabilize myself.

The big disappointment comes when I practice  back bending, urdhva dhanurasana, but also the other back bending asanas. Urdhva dhanurasana is almost impossible after the third asanas series. I consider to give them some attention today in the evening, when the body is soft. Back bending is my weakness.
I asked M to help me. After the 7 headstands I did viparita dandasana  I was recommended to add this pose to open the chest. I have to face my fears to fall over here. I've to fall over controlled. This might really make me courageous to do pincha mayurasana in the middle of the room, because I make the experience, I survive  when I fall. I also don't injure myself.

Patience is needed. Age plays a role here. My body learns slower, I compensate with patience. Yes, I have patience with myself. For me it's more important to practice daily and safely than to reach the goals fast.

My life approaches more and more the lives of the daughters of Krichnamacharya. In the movie "Der atmende Gott" described they their days: In the morning they did asanas for hours. Then they rested. Later they practiced pranayama and meditation. This is perfect. The practice has an influence how one feels. It calms. To jump into a hectic life after a yoga practice feels artificial.
I love to add pranayama and meditation.

I napped yesterday, I bathed, I watched soccer. The first match was funny due to the rain in the beginning and the fans who danced full of joy. The second match Sweden/England was exciting due to the many goals.

Today I work on my project "flat".
And I love to have more time for photography.
The sun is out already. I smile.


Anna said...

It was a good game - after going 2-1 down we all thought that England would collapse as usual - but they didn't! However, realistically we can't perform at the same level as France, Germany, Spain. This will change but we have to be patient - like you, Ursula :-)

Ursula said...

Of course it's more exciting when England is playing, but the show goes on today....:) Have fun.