Sunday, June 03, 2012

Oh, not a surprise

It rained, but he wanted to go out. I know very well how this is if one was at home the entire day. Suddenly comes the moment where one thinks I must go out, I must see people, I must move.

So we went out for a late dinner. I pressed my body against his when we were on the way to a new restaurant, so that I found  enough shelter from the rain under the umbrella. It's only water that is coming down, but I wanted to arrive dry at the Israeli restaurant. My mango dealer told me that it's a client of him. We wanted to try it. A restaurant that buys mongoes from my mango dealer, the Pakistani, has a priori 3 stars.
We enjoyed our dinner, our curiosity got satisfied. I'd say, we found another possibility to eat out, not more.
Safely (dry) we arrived at home again.

I see the watch in the left lower side of my PC. It's late already. I'll go to be at a reasonable time. Second series tomorrow and those 5 poses of third series.

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