Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh, an intensive practice, how nice

This was good. Indeed. I practiced primary with some extras. Especially the forward split got attention.  I practiced it while standing after utthita eka padasana. It's called trivikramasana then. And I practiced it after supta parsvasahita. Then it's called hanumanasana.

In general I'd say my concentration got better. I stay on the mat. One reason is that I want to bring it behind me, not in a hurry, but to be on the mat for hours because of too many breaks doesn't convince me anymore.  Whatever helps is allowed.

1. What gets attention grows.
2. What gets no attention dries out or it gets worse. 

Sometimes only attention is already enough to get better at anything. Example: As soon as I move my attention to my breath it gets deeper.

What next?
I feel like strolling around.

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