Friday, June 08, 2012

Must have been a misunderstanding

This morning I approached M and I told him that it was OK, if I wouldn't practice the third series asanas. He couldn't remember to have said anything alike and I should go on practicing them.
Hahaha, perhaps the wish to stop practicing these challenging asanas was the father of this thought.

He helped me today and gave me tips for the big five. I need more strength in the arms to balance. When I'm more stable then I can work on opening the hips. Oh, I'm so motivated again, also to practice the 5 devil ones. In fact only the 2 first ones seem to be so out of reach.

My practice was detoxing. I sweat more and more. I think this is because I manage it to get closer and closer to my limits.

After our practice I talked with a yogini. During the last months she tried to be in handstand for 20 breaths. This is a good idea. This strengthens the arms and as she said, one get used to be in that position. She too is above 50. Aren't we all a tiny bit crazy?


Kitharo said...

No you're not crazy, you are taking care of yourself...and obviously it's working so good. Think about it: third series? That's insane (in a good way of course) :)

And I've to say it again: thanks for your blog. It's so inspiring to read every day and in older posts when you have one of those lazy "Oh no, why do I practice?"-weeks :)

Ursula said...

Thank you, Kitharo.

Being a bit crazy is positive, isn't it?

I never read in my old posts. Enjoy, if you do. There is surely a development that can be realized.

Soccer now, Kithora...