Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Munich has a new address

Munich has a new address: Augustenstraße 5. 

Since about 3 weeks we've a new vegan restaurant here. H. a yogini told me about the new location. After an excellent practice this morning I thought, I'd pamper myself with eating out. Why not trying something new. 

Wow, it's such a nice café, restaurant. I even met R. there (not on the picture), the owner of this new restaurant and the owner of the Yam-yoga studio. She knows that I'm an "Ashtanga addict".

I love the atmosphere there. One can look outside. In the middle and on the front side is a huge table. It's very easy to get in contact if one likes it. 

 My first surprise when I met vegan people was that they are less preachers or health apostles, but gourmets. Look at my lunch. Shall the pictures speak. What else can I add.

I'm happy: we become more.

PS: They also have delicious cakes.

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Anna said...

This is JUST what we need here - you are so lucky! I want to live in Munich.