Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday morning

The soccer match last night pleased me.
My yoga practice before the soccer match pleased me, too.

It was clear that I'd go to the led class. When I was there, I thought: What am I doing here? The sun salutations exert myself. We do more as usual. 5 Sun saluts A and 6 sun saluts B. Except the hero poses at the end the standing poses were easy-going. Then I loved my practice. Body and mind were a unit. Thinking stopped. I listened to my breath. How good that I'm here, I thought. Later this thought changed again to: only 3 more poses. The closing sequence is relaxing and I can smell the end already. I sweat a lot these days when I practice. I detox, I think. For me the sweating is also a sign that I'm able to get closer to my limits. This ability develops with time, if one practices correctly: Focusing on the breath, engaging the bandhas and muscles.

Today second series. This seems to be trick: practice second series if you think primary is difficult. Primary will seem to be easy then. I got better in second series, too. With the third series poses I will know at the end what I've done.

After the match yesterday they interviewed one of our soccer players. He was so tired that he could scarcely talk. "I'm so tired," he said and the spectators had to wait for his comment on the match. It was not sure if he'd fall asleep in the middle of the sentence.
I won't go that far. To take it easy shall be my approach. Being concentrated is important for me. This all is enough for a Monday morning.


OldBoy said...

the only yoga i do is shavasana bcuz its easy to do and relaxing at the same time.

Ursula said...

At your age one has still the choice: sports or no sports.

Above 40 one has no choice anymore, one has to move if one wants to stay fit, healthy and active.

OldBoy said...

u no what i can go for yoga after 35 or 40. it will suit me i hope...

Ursula said...

OK, if you think so, OldBoy....:)