Monday, June 11, 2012


This morning I only wanted to bring it behind me. I was stiff. I sweated like hell, I detoxed so to say, hahaha. The consequence was that my leg didn't stay behind my back because it was sliding sidewards. My t-shirt was cut perhaps a bit too generous. It seems to be good to have some cotton over the shoulder. Somehow I managed it to do all the poses.
If I practiced at home I'd given up. In the group of committed yogis and yoginis I was able to schlepp myself from asana to asana.

To open my hips I was adviced to do skandasana and durvasana after kasyapasana. I was so afraid of durvasana (leg behind head and then standing up), but it feels good. I simply had forgotten to be afraid. I was so astonished that I should do the pose, that my feelings and opinions were somewhere else. The challenge of this pose is to balance. I'll practice it close to a wall.

I'm thankful for every feedback. The breath and bandhas are the keys for me to make any progress. I can relate to it and I'll work on it.

So and tomorrow is a new day. My practices are still very volatile.

Tomorrow I'll do the same like today: second series and the 7 third series asanas. No pictures. This would spoil my practice.

Picture: It's taken in Portland 2006.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, dear U, that you know the word "schlepp" (haha).. and it's proper use..

I appreciate your posts even about the so-called "lousy" practices.

Any practice is better than none though, yes?

Om Shanti

Ursula said...

Haha, we have the same word in German language: schleppen....:)

Every practice is finally good. Not once I've thought afterwards that it would have been better not to practice.

The fact that a practice happened is already perfect.

Om Shanti.

Ursula said...

...and dear Debb, I'm rather relaxed re those lousy practices. It's always better or worse than the last time.


It's like in life, it goes up and down, reasons unknown. Hahaha....

Angele Style said...

When I saw the picture of the mountain I thought how could it be that there is another mountain in the world that looks exactly like Mt. Hood that I see from my window everyday in Portland, Oregon???

And so it is the same one. I enjoy your blog.

Ursula said...

Yes, it's Mt Hood. :)