Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knocked out

There was a sign on every door in the area where I live. It informed the neighborhood that there will be noise during one of the next nights, because it's necessary to work on that constructions round the corner. This noise was yesterday. When my bf sleeps he sleeps, but I woke up several times It was very loud. In the morning I felt knocked out. I didn't get up. What a luxury. But I don't want to sleep so long usually, because in the evening I want to have the feeling that I've accomplished something. All my activities need time, much time.

Yesterday was such a day where I couldn't say in the evening what I've done the entire day. Ashtanga yoga, yes, but what else? I picked up 2 books. I sat in a café, reading them. I watched soccer. This cannot be everything, but it was so.

My intensive Ashtanga yoga practice really pushes me to get better and better in organizing my life. Not always I'm satisfied with the results, but I get better. It's easy to get up in the mornig in order to be on time in a company, waiting for lunch, and then waiting till it's 6pm to go home. Being alone means one has to motivate oneself. One must decide almost everything alone. The impulses must come from inside. This is a challenge.

Accepting that there are ups and downs is part the skill "being organized".

Today a new mattress will get delivered. I wanted a new one since 10 years and today this thing gets delivered. This makes me laugh. It was so easy. I thought I'd have a lot of difficulties to make a decision which one to buy as there are sleeping concepts that one buys nowadays and not a simple mattress.
I'll be alone tonight as my E is on a business trip. I regretted this, but he consoled me: then you can test both sides. Yes, there is a difference between the sides. His side is harder than mine. The sales person convinced us that this is the best for us. He looked at us and guessed our weight. It's obvious that my tall bf weights much more than me (double of my weight, psssssssst.). So tonight I'll test both sides. I'm amused.

25 min are over.
Time to move on. 


Kitharo said...

Don't worry about what you've accomplished - it's your life and if you did Ashtanga, read books and watched scoccer that's perfectly fine. Don't get in the "Other people would have accomplished more"-state :) (at least that's how I try to avoid such thoughts haha)

Hope you sleep better tonight on your new mattress!

Ursula said...

Thank you, Kitharo.

Yes, you're right.

I enjoy my luxury life. I should is crossed out. :)

Cordially greetings to you.

Anna said...

Sounds like my ideal day!

Ursula said...

:), Anna.