Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I slept too long

I slept very good, too long. Since 20 min I should be on the road already, but I sit here, not yet dressed. I need another coffee and I had no breakfast so far. It's rainy here and cold. June is a cold month in Germany, another cold month. When I open the balcony door to get an idea what to dress to feel warm, so fresh air comes in, that I close the balcony door faster than I opened it. It's so comfortable within my 4 walls.

Today I practice at home. 
I don't want to hurry. If I'd dress now to go I had to dress fast, I had to leave my home without breakfast, I had to hurry to the public transportation. My practice is so long I would have the feeling that I had to hurry through the series. In 5 min the Mysore class starts. It shouldn't be today. I'm sipping my freshly brewed black coffee. I'm looking forward to a relaxed home practice. I also have the feeling I need a very relaxed practice today.

It's so good that I make progress in my  projects. It cheered me up the entire day yesterday, that we have this new mattress now. It was so necessary to let go of this old trampolin. Shall new tears, fresh sweat spoil this new mattress in the decade to come.
Project "flat" is not yet finished. I regret that the Polish man didn't answer my Email. He seemed to be so reliable. The Russian man from yesterday wanted double as much money for the same work. It will not be so easy to find someone who is competent, has time and a reasonable price.
Sometimes a day without yoga is so good. So much can be done then.

Yesterday I felt my hips. When I lifted my legs it slightly hurt. I blame durvasana for it. It's an intensive stretch, I'm not used to practice. I'll practice with much care today. To stand up with one leg behind the head is a huge step forward. I think my body needed even a rest day yesterday. Today my hips feel better.
My hips were the second reason why it was good not to practice.

Sports rejuvenates the cells, I read yesterday. To stay fit one has to move. It needn't to be Ashtanga yoga, but not to move at all is not an alternative. People who do sports reduce the sick days 50%. Imagine.

Time to move on. 


Debb said...

I think your new mattress is too much of a good thing - you sleep too long! (haha)..

Sleep is so restorative, healing and very necessary for healing. We should never feel guilt about sleeping.

My girlfriends use to brag about who got the least amount of sleep. Interestingly, this is no longer part of our conversations.

Peaceful slumbers, dear U..

Ursula said...

Dearest Debb, it seems so.

I mean when did I miss a yoga practice due to sleeping too long. Lol.
What a luxury thing under my body. :)

To have a nice bed is so important. We spend so much time there. I'm soooo happy that this happened now. It was so overdue. :)

Good slumbers for you, too...:)