Thursday, June 28, 2012

I can lift it.

I can lift my suitcase. Nevertheless to carry my PC, my camera, my yoga mat, my hand bag and my suitcase will make me sweating till I'll be at the airport.
I'm checked in already for the flight to Stockholm, Sweden. 2 hours only and I'll be there. Then I'll wait for my E, he'll come from another direction. With the rental car we'll head for Uppsalla, we'll arrive just on time for the soccer match Italy - Germany.

This morning I managed it to practice: sun salutations, standing asanas and paschimottanasana and the closing  sequence. This practice prepared me for the trip. I love this yoga practice.

It was not so easy to pack my suitcase. What to dress, what to dress. That it was so difficult tells me that some decluttering and organising is necessary. 1 blouse had to go already. I don't want to show my belly anymore. This is something for the youth. Too short is too short, away with it.

Time to post comes from Sweden......:)

A simple life is good. 


Kitharo said...

I envy your trips :) You get to see so many nice places - hope you're having fun :)

Clare said...

Have a great time :-)

Kitharo said...

Just found this for all us self-practitioners: