Thursday, June 14, 2012

How was yesterday?

Thank you Tim Gunn. He was it who motivated me to go through my wardrabe yesterday. I felt strong. "I have everything, I have even too much of everything" were the accompanying thoughts. I was able to let go of a Mt Hood of clothes. All the old-fashioned suits had to go. Dresses I don't wear had to go. First I took everything out of the wardrobe and then I put back what I want and love and wear and what fits. The rest had to go. I don't wear mini skirts anymore. Some pair of trousers were too large and never fitted. Away with it.
"I have enough" is a good thought when discarding things. People collect because they feel needy. "I could need it one day", this thought is a trap. Having too many things prevents us from living, because we've to care for our things. Things need attention, they want to be cleaned i.e.
When I open my wardrobe now the clothes have more room. They are not pressed against each other. When I want to dress something I don't have to iron it because it has wrinkles.
Quickly I took the discarded clothes to the garbage can. It's dangerous to keep them a min longer than necessary. It's possible that I go throw them again and put things back.

I've another wardrobe. The motivation is high that I go through this one, too. It's so liberating to let go.

Project "flat" makes progress. 

Yesterday the Polish man came with the floor patterns. The floor to floor carpet has to go.

- The next step is to make a decision which one I like and to forward this info to the Polish man.

- Another step is to get rid of the sofa. I don't know why I've difficulties to let go of the sofa. After more than 15 years it's broken, dirty. It was E's idea not to substitute it anymore. We sit on the floor usually. Yeah, we lean against the sofa mainly. I love to sit on the floor, because then I can sit in lotus pose. E also loves to sit on the floor, not in lotus pose, lol. We call it "Uli-style". Uli was a  friend, Indian lover, who passed away some years ago. Much too young he was when he passed away with 60. He refused to take medicines for his heart, he was convinced about spices. One day his girl-friend (30 years younger) returned home and there he lied on the kitchen floor. Dead.

So why do I cling to that old sofa? I don't know. It has to go, it has to go. If I miss it, we can buy another one.

To let go is an ongoing process. There are times where this process requires more attention. It's amazing how liberated I always feel when I let go of things. Simplicity is a key word for me.

Today primary is on the schedule. My hips needed another rest day. Durvasana was a most intensive stretch.  I'm not at all disappointed that I didn't practice yesterday. I feel so relieved how much I accomplished yesterday.
Today I'm back on the mat.

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Anna said...

You are doing great work on this front, Ursula. Let there be space to move, breathe, think! Don't let the old crap weigh you down.

Ursula said...

Yes, I think I progress, Anna.

It's a liberating feeling to have less. I have everything I need.