Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Today I went home from the Mysore class and I was tired. I got close to my limits during my practice. That I'm able to do this is a sign that I practice dedicatedly for years, almost a decade. I practiced second series and the 5 asanas of third series. Afterwards comes urdhva dhanurasana, the back bending. It got worse. I blame the 5 last poses for this. M even mentioned that I should consider to drop them and to focus more on back bending.

I trust M 100%. He's experienced. He supports me. He never takes anything away from me, by far not. He realizes, like me, too, that these additional asanas have a desastrous influence on my back bending, which is my weak point. I even consider to  ask him if this wouldn't be the best to focus for the next months on back bending instead of the new asanas. First and second series give me a balanced practice.

I also know now what I've to intensify: forward split, leg behind head to mention only 2 points.

This will give me intensive, but more relaxed practices. I've so much to learn even in primary. I know what I don't exercise I won't learn, but sometimes profound exercise is simply better. 

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