Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fine tuning

Time: a favorite topic.

Time is running faster and faster, it seems so.
More and more I realize it's limited (for everybody).
I've so many interests and I want to have time for everything.
My life must be organized well when I want to do so much yoga as I do now.
Simplicity is a keyword.

Today I went through my handbags. 3 had to go, 15 are still in my wardrobe. The above one is a souvenir from my grandma, I want to keep it.
Having less things makes life easier.

But I wanted to talk about the fine tuning of how I use my timer these days, when I work.
Thanks to a dear friend I discovered the pomodoro technique. In short, one can buy a pomodoro, a timer that runs 25 min. This is the time one shall work on a project/task whatever. Then a break is recommended before one starts again to focus on something for 25 min. After 1 hour a longer break is foreseen. Using this timer always gives me a feeling of having accomplished something when I had run it once or more often. It bettered my life.

- The pomodoro is rather loud. It makes tick tack and at the end the ring tone is very loud. This is very good when I listen to music as well. When I do chores I've the radio on most of the time. I cannot overhear this loud tone when the 25 min are over, how good.
- For my intellectual work like reading, writing this loud tick tack disturbs me. I use my meditation timer now. It has no sound at all.
- 25 min are a perfect time to accomplish something and it's not too long. Why not being flexible from time to time. My experience is that it's good to set consciously an end to most activities. A brainstorming activity might last 10 min, why not setting the timer for 10 min. Why not being flexible.

Working within a time frame intensifies this time. It's such a simple method and so effective. For those who want to get things done, I recommend: try it.

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