Friday, June 22, 2012


Today during the Mysore class I looked around, not for fun or because I was bored. I was looking for a yogini who could help me with supta vajrasana. 5 yoginis had there eyes closed!!!!!

I remembered what Sharath said during one of the conferences in Gokulam, India: "I've never found a yoga style that is like Ashtanga yoga. Alone drishti has changed my life.Other yoga styles don't have this." (quoted from my memory).
I understood at once what he meant.

Drishti means we have the eyes open and gaze towards a point: feet, hand, side, nose, third eye. The eyes remain calm.
This has an effect on our mind. When the eyes don't move the mind becomes calm, too. We look outside. We don't look inside to observe our thoughts and dreams or whatever issues come up. We learn to focus on something else but our self-made problems.

This makes a difference.

Ashtanga yoga is a demanding practice. Many asanas require years to master. But everybody can open her eyes.

A yogini who practices with awareness and who has progressed a lot in the last months (my view of course) realized that I needed this adjustment. She adjusted 2 more people today. Many of the others were dreaming with closed eyes. I wonder why.

One gives away a powerful tool if one neglects the dristhi.
Never look in the direction you don' t want to drive, I heard from my driver instructor, when he prepared me for the night drive. One tends to look towards the lights of the car that comes on the other lane. This provokes that one drives in this direction, too. An accident is very likely.

So many life events are easier to handle if we focus on looking towards the direction we want to go.
Next time focus on drishti.

This morning I practiced second series. That's all. I had no more the energy to do the 7 asanas of the third series. I felt mentally totally weak. The body was slippery from sweating so much in addition. Now I know that it was not only the mind that was unwilling, I feel a cold insight. I'm sipping hot tea and relax.

Picture 1: A vegan pear cake can be seen. Finally I can buy cakes without feeling bad. I stopped at the Yam deli on my way home.
Picture 2: It will be a soccer night tonight. Greece - Germany will play. 

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