Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cold today

But who comes to Sweden because of the good weather. I changed my summer clothes for warmer ones. No sandals more, no t-shirts, but a woolen pullover and proper shoes.

It's about the landscapes one travels to Sweden. Today we'll drive to the north.

The idea comes up to look for a sauna.......hahahaha..........


krille59 said...

Welcome to Sweden!
The weather isn´t its best right now but every Swed is waiting for the sun and warmer weather, but I hope that you enjoy Sweden anyway.
If you are passing trough Jönköping on your trip there is two ashtanga yoga studios here and the studio were I do my practices is Myoga. It is open at six o clock in the morning
Krille Green

Ursula said...

Oh thank you for the tipps.

Today we had great weather and we enjoyed the beautiful landscape. We're at Gävle now.

We'll travel around. I fear I'll practice alone, but the hotel room is large enough....