Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clear your clutter

For a friend:

How everything started: One day I stumbled upon a book at amazon. It's called "Clear your clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston. Especially the reviews were funny. A woman wrote that she bought this book and then she started  throwing her things away. She gave the book to a friend and he started also throwing his things away after a few chapters of reading. Now these both friends gave the book to another friend to see when she starts throwing things out.

When a book gets me going, when a book inspires me to change my habits, I think it's a good book. I bought it.

I laughed when this happened, but after a few pages only I started throwing out things. A process started with a huge influence on my life.

I felt overwhelmed from time to time, but I didn't know that too many things could have been a reason. Karen opened my eyes. I knew I wanted to make my life simpler to feel better and the easiest thing to do was to let go of things.

It's possible to get used to a messy home. One can even get used to live in a dirty home. The worst thing that too much clutter does is, that it steals away time. Time is most precious resource. It's limited. Instead of practicing yoga or meeting friends or having sex, things keep us busy.

I learned to distinguish between:
1. decluttering
2. organizing
3. cleaning.

Clutter cannot be organized. It's a waste of time to clean it. Get rid of it. My personal tip: don't be a hero and try to donate things. This makes everything more difficult. Work fast, and get the discarded things as fast as possible to the garbage can in the backyard. Done.
Use a timer.

Letting go of things is liberating. 
It's not only that things go, it has an effect on the soul. I experience that I have enough (with less things). One goes from feeling needy to a self-confidence status of being: I have enough, is the feeling. One starts trusting again that things will get delivered when we need them.

To let things go is a beginning. One can also let go of habits, thoughts..........take your time, step by step..

Start today. You start acquiring a life-changing habit that betters life, because you've time for the activities you like to do.

It's possible to stand the created vacuum. New things will happen when room is created. Don't be afraid. Don't waste your time with caring for things. Life has more to offer. Let go.


Anonymous said...

Excellent..excellent post, my dear U.. This is why I love having a Kindle.. My "yoga room" is full of books, one wall covered with book shelves and books, too many. With a Kindle "the clutter" of books is not there. One tip from me about clearing 'things' from the sight. Oh, and, of course, I purchase my books through your Amazon link (((wink, wink)))

Ursula said...

The kindle is so super. I'm enthusiastic about it.

I know, I know dear Debb, I always think of you, when I do promotion....:) Thank you so much.

There is also electronic clutter. I remember a time where I had thousands of Emails in my inbox. I had 26000 pictures stored on my PC. I guess half of it has to go. But it's worth going also through electronic clutter. It's worth to acquire the skill "letting go".

Anna said...

So happy to read this post, ursula - I keep encouraging you to get rid of stuff and create space. It's so important to mental and physical health IMO. 'Let go' is the mantra.

"What more do you need? A little garden to walk in and immensity to reflect on. At your feet something to cultivate and gather; above your head something to study and meditate on; a few flowers on earth and all the stars in heaven." Victor Hugo

Ursula said...

Yeah, so true. Oh, I got so much better.

In my storage room I found skier and skates. These are the next things that have to go. I won't skate anymore, I won't do skiing either.

One and a half hour I cleaned my storage room. I'm content with myself.

Becoming essential is it....

joey said...

Excellent..excellent post

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Roshani Adhikary said...

Glad you posted this in such a concise blog :) Now I won't have to go out and get the book which means one less thing to start throwing out, hehehe... off to get rid of some of the clutter. Thanks!