Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring it on.

"1. Bring it on.
2. I love pain.
3. Pain sets me free"

(Location 534 from the e-book "The Tools - Transform your problems into courage, confidence, and creativity" by Barry Michels and Phil Stutz.

These three sentences get going the Hollywood actors and now me, too.

OK, I tested it today and it worked. These 3 sentences shall be thought when we procrastinate, when we avoid situations.
My sofa came into my mind. It has to go and I cling to this old dirty possibility to sit on. We, E and myself love to sit on the floor. Nevertheless, to let go needs energy.
I thought these three sentences and picked up the receiver. The business card of this Russian man who brought the mattress was handy. He picked up the phone and a few hours later he was here. A bit later as agreed, but I don't want to be so narrow-minded. He came, this is what counts, he even brought his wife with him. What a beautiful, friendly wife this man has, I thought, I don't believe it. The Russian women have the reputation to be beautiful and they obviously are. Within an hour the sofa was gone.
I cleaned the place, vacuumed.
A lot of other thiny things that add up had to be done, too. I needed a light bulb for the kitchen. I bougth it and changed it. I needed new bags for the vacuum cleaner and and and......, I don't want to be boring. Much is accomplished today, despite me feeling not so good yet, because of this cold that bothers my body.
I feel free. Yes, room is created. Less is more.

My to do lists are endless. 
This blue favorite cardigan from Escada has lost 2 buttons. Six new ones are already here.  I couldn't find exact the same ones, so I have to substitute them all. I have to sew on these new beautiful buttons when I want to dress this cardigan again..........bring it

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Tracy said...

I desperately need your help in the "letting go" process. Ursula, my Brave, Strong Friend!!

Since you are so far away...I need advice on what is the best book you have read in letting go and "purging" things?? I Just Know you have one to recommend..AND I want your help and advice as well!!


Ursula said...

I know that you need a quick answer.

Karen Kingston "Clear your clutter with Feng Shui" is the book that I read first. It's still very very good. I attended a 3 day workshop once with this woman and she's wonderful and experienced.

Letting go is such an important skill. Things can steal life. I think it can be learned.

Good luck for you dear Tracy and let go....:)It's liberating.

PS: this book is now also available on kindle.

Tracy said...

Thanks SO much Ursula!!! I have read one of her books before I think... a long time go. I shall getthis one and Thanks for the post that you put up as well! xxx

Ursula said...

Very welcome, dear Tracy.

I hope I could inspire you. Sometimes it's good to reread a book. Often one discovers new aspects.

Happy decluttering. xxx Ursula