Sunday, May 06, 2012

A sweaty primary

Nobody knows what caused this back pain 2 days back. A nerve was jammed. How this happened is inexplicable. It can be that I slept in a bad position. It can be that I moved awkwardly while cleaning, even though I cannot remember if I cleaned.

I felt excellent this morning and in the early afternoon I was on the mat for a primary. My back feels better than ever. This is true. I remember the sentence of Sharath. It went somehow like this: pain in life is bad pain, pain in yoga is good pain. Again I don't know if this jammed nerve was caused by yoga, but I've the feeling after this practice today as if on a deeper level something loosened. It was easy to put the legs behind the head for supta kurmasana. It was and this is indeed a surprise easy to lift me up in urdhva dhanurasana. My body felt transparent and stretchy. I didn't procrastinate. How good.

Tomorrow second series and now a hot bath.

A side mark: I added pranayama and meditation at the end.

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