Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Soccer and yoga

Last week was a soccer match, the Bavarian played with/against Dortmund. Next week the final match of the Champions League will take place, also with the Bavarian team. The soccer players are all high end players, talented and exercised. I love to listen to the comments and compare it with yoga.

The physical and mental state of the day plays an important role. The soccer player, all talented and exercised also experience ups and downs on a daily basis. I know this too well.

The coach is important. When I look back how my practice developed in the last 2 years I can only say: 2 thumbs up for M. I usually ask E if the coach was a good soccer player, too and they always were.

I'm always astonished how important psychology is in soccer. Self-confidence plays a role. The team that scores first gains self-confidence. Nothing is more successful than success. For yoga I'd say, to be optimistic is very helpful.

Focus is a necessary skill, too. Last week the Bavarian team lost, the next match is this week. They quickly have to forget their defeat and they must focus on the next match. I'm sure they are masters here, too. Oh, I'm looking forward to the next match.


I remember my plan from yesterday.
To have one day for experimenting is good. I'll focus on the new asanas. They need more attention, just doing it and to move on to the next is not enough to learn them. Repetition shall be the method to improve them.


Anna said...

Top football is fantastic to watch for all those reasons as you say. There was a great Champion's League winner's match here last weekend too! The top players are like ballet dancers.

Ursula said...

To see the best of the best in action is fantastic.

Anna said...

Which would you say is the best German team?

Ursula said...

The Bavarians of course: FC Bayern München.

Anna said...

And the best player?!

Ursula said...

They are at team and they are all good.

I've favorites, but my darlings change.....hahaha.....

I'm still a fan of Oli Kahn.