Saturday, May 19, 2012


I was downtown yesterday. So many British people are in town already due to the soccer match this weekend: Chelsea - FC Bayern Munich.

My reason for going downtown was to get a cover for my iPod. A shop assistant of a telephone shop showed me the way to the Apple store. "I shouldn't tell you", he said, "we've covers for the iPod here, too." He was nice and the Apple store was not far away. There I saw the true enthusiast. Children were there and old people, too and they all played with these gadgets on the tables.
If one doesn't like to get the stamp "date expired", one has to be informed about the latest gadgets. I start integrating my iPad in my life. This means I'll carry it around. In order not to ruin it, I needed a cover.
The prices of these simple yet fancy covers took away my breath. 70,-- Euro shall such a simple cover cost. "This is so at Apple", another client enlightened me, when I expressed my shock.

This was too much for me. I returned to the shop where the sales person showed me the way. The salesperson, another one,  was very friendly and this helped me to make a decision. For 20,-- Euro less I acquired a nice black cover. There is a magnet integrated. When I open it, automatically the iPad is on. I'm impressed.

That's not the only cover that I needed. My kindle also needs protection from the items in my handbag. I refused to buy these leather covers that were recommended. Today I found at amazon a wonderful cover with magnet and light, made of shiny fake leather.

At the Apple store:

I'm so looking forward to the soccer match. I regret it that my bf is not at home. It's always much fun to watch together. It seems to me that most men become emotional when watching soccer. I love to see my E so enthusiastic when the favorite team scores. If the teams are from different countries, it's clear for which team we cheer.....:)

Happy weekend to everybody. 


Globie said...

Apple Stores are very expensive, I bought my iPad cover from Amazon, much less than €70. I wonder if you will soon be using Deutschmarks again.

I have my Bayern shirt ready to wear this evening.

Ursula said...

Kevin, you cheer for the Bavarians? I don't believe it. Red is a wonderful color,for sure....

Have fun tonight.

Globie said...

Of course, Let's go Bayern,

Ursula said...

You make me laugh.

Globie said...

Germans lose on penalties, I don't believe it, first time since 1976 isn't it.

Ursula said...

I don't get it, but so is soccer.

It's also luck.