Sunday, May 06, 2012

Saturday was a day off, almost.

In the late afternoon we made it to the Straßenbahn to see G, who stays somewhere else. We've no car for the time being. The engine has given up it's spirit. We wanted to pick up G for a little walk and dinner.

Arrived at her house I was ready. I sat down on the carpet for testing some asanas. It felt good, I could twist and forward bend. Even though I didn't practice yesterday, these little exercises told me that I'm fully recovered.

Soon we were ready to leave the house. E closed the door and then we realized that the key was still in the lock from the inside. Not good. First we went to dinner, then we called someone to open the door. It's usually rather expensive. Prices go up till 300,- Euro if the door needs to get opened on a Saturday after closing hours i.e.. The internet is great. The business had comments how good they work. We found a man who arrived fast and the price was reasonable.

We are advanced in living, I told. Such a tiny mishap won't have the power to influence our good mood and joy of living.
I realized how relieved G was when we were finally again in the house sitting on the sofa. She offered us wine. This was a clear sign of being happy again.

Then E and myself got home again.

Also mishaps let us experience energy. That's all. Just an event, like any other event, too, that let's us experience life. 

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