Sunday, May 20, 2012

The results are out of control

Yesterday in the afternoon I was downtown  to capture a few moments of the bombastic atmosphere there due to the soccer match FC Chelsea - FC Bayern München in the evening. The party was in full swing. The subway tunnels spitted out more and more fans. At Marienplatz was public viewing.

My observances:
- It seemed to me that when you want to be a fan you've to dress a T-shirt of the colors of your team. Red is good, I think. It's energy, dominant. It only didn't help much yesterday.
-You can live very unhealthy as a fan. Drinking, smoking, being overweight is absolutely OK.
- Soccer is a team match. Most fans are in teams, too.
- If you like to bawl, go for it.
- It's allowed to show emotions.

Oh, the Bavarian team played like the Gods. And lost. The coach said after the match: "You cannot imagine what's going on in the changing room." I can. They were crying.
One can give the very best, but the results are out of control.
"So is soccer," my bf would have said, if he would have been here.
"So is life", I'd add," unfair to the bones. A game to be entertained."

Sadness and happiness belong together. There were others on the soccer field who were very very happy. They couldn't believe it either what had happened. The FC Chelsea won the match. Congratulations.


Side remark about my own life:
I got a long long letter from the tax adviser. My job is cancelled. I should have supported a team in a company one week every months. He couldn't understand it. The company used to be so reliable, he wrote me. I understand. It shall not be.
Rejection is rejection. Sometimes people don't like me to take pictures of them, sometimes I don't get a job, whatever it is, it's an event that belongs more to the negative side of the scala. I recover soon. It's part of the game. I'm glad already that I can go on with my projects.

I suffer more with the soccer player. For me life and it's events are a  happening, but the soccer player feel responsible, and this makes everything worse. 


Anna said...

What a match! Poor Munich - they played their hearts out. I can't watch penalties.

Ursula said...

It got on my nerves. What a thriller.

Yes, they played their hearts out, this is so true. It was not enough. Sometimes this is so.

Anonymous said...

Why does life have to contain disappointments? Yes, sometimes we are the cause of (or the responsible one for) the disappointment, often times we are just the ripple effect, as is the case of your job.
I sometimes struggle with disappointment - disappointment at the scale, on the mat, in the workplace.
It helps to become an observer of life - as it happens - disappointment never lasts, when we let go it creates room for something new.

Ursula said...

So wise words, dear Debb.

I think it's all part of life, also disappointment. As you said, nothing lasts.

The greatest gift is that we're alive. That we are.
Everything else can be seen as a play of energy.