Monday, May 21, 2012

An old trick in a new dress

From the beginning on: On Friday I didn't practice. No reason is known. Hahaha....Saturday is my yoga free day. And yesterday was such a sadness over the city due to the lost soccer match, it made me lame, too. Oh, how creative I can be when I want to find an excuse.

This morning I counted: 3 days no yoga.
Familiar thoughts came up:
- Oh, it will be difficult today.
-Oh, I will be stiff.
Not one of the predictions became true. I had an excellent focused practice: Second series and some poses of third were done, one after the other.

The trick: 
I had Matthey Sweeney's book "Astanga yoga as it is" in front of me. I looked at the pictures and rows. Only 10 rows of asanas, I thought. Every row is only 10 % of the hole middle part. 10% only. And so I did 10% ten times. 10 doable steps.

Kapotasana: I put a block between my toes. My finger reached the block. To know how far I'm away from my toes is satisfying for me.

Nothing was really lousy. And because it was so good I added pranayama and 10 min meditation.

Pranayama: I used the timer to check the length of my inhaling and exhaling. I want to maintain this even rhythm during my practice. I counted till 4 (4 sec) and inhaled, 1 sec pause, I counted till 4 and exhaled, 1 sec pause. This rhythm is within my capacity, but not too much.
I did also alternate nostril breathing for some time.

Today I read a very interesting analysis, why the FC Bayern Munich lost. The coach made wrong decision. Yep. Why. Mr Müller scored, 9 min before the end. What a relief. Now the coach wanted to play it safe. Instead of going on with attacks, he wanted to defend what was already achieved. Mr Müller had to go, a defense player substituted him. Fear was the mother of the decision. Fear is never a good adviser. 9 min before the end the team had to change a strategy that was good so far. Only the goal was missing. Psychologists know that nothing is more successful than success. Mr Müller was still fit and he experienced a high. He could have made a second goal. One must take advantages of such highs.

Haha, just told this analysis E. He laughed. He knew that Mr Müller had issues with his calves and that this was the reason why he wanted to leave the battle field.

Soccer gives topics to endless discussions. So does yoga.


Anna said...

I love all the analysis! England have lost so many matches on penalties - I've lived through many a depression-filled 'day after' :-)

Ursula said...

Yeah, we suffer with our soccer youngsters....:)