Thursday, May 24, 2012

No move more

It was the late afternoon yesterday when I practiced, sun salutations, middle part of second series and closing sequence (no standing asanas). I did no move more than necessary. No repetitions,  no explorations, no preparation asanas.
Since concentration is a focus since some time I got better here. What gets attention grows. Concentration means for me also not to take breaks.
My new old trick helped me also yesterday. It was not a one day fly, it works. I've the book by Matthey Sweeney on my sofa. I calculated how many percentage every row of a series is. It's between 10 and 15. It needn't to be exact. 10 % is each row, I think and 10% are doable.

I give myself time. Slowly I go deeper in the asana. I want to get used slowly to the stretching discomfort. Finally a pose shall be a joy. It shall be cosy to do it. First one has to reach the form as it is supposed to be. There is always a bit more possible, surely. When reached a possible stretch, I focus on breathing and enjoy.

I feel reluctance to do the 5 asanas of third. Not that I don't like to do them mentally, but they are difficult. It's different if one learns a pose or if one practices it.
Perhaps I add these 5 poses today after primary.

Time to move on. It's a travel day today. To the north it goes. There is G's birthday party. 88 is a birthday to  celebrate. 


Kitharo said...

Hi Ursula :)
I know you enjoy reading yoga articles - have you read this one?

I think it's quite interesting. At first I was in total defense mode, like "No no no Yoga is sacred", but there's a truth to that article and it's message: "What makes a true yogic practice unique is that it’s focus is on a sustained feeling of freedom and wholeness."
Hope you have a nice week ;)

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Kitharo. I love to get such article.

Oh yes, very provocative. Let me answer also provocative. Indeed I was waiting for such an article with the underlighing message: We Americans have invited yoga.

It's inspiring to write a comment on this and to publish it. For the time being I travel, time is limited. Next week I'll be back.


Ursula said...