Monday, May 07, 2012

Monday and everthing is OK

Monday. I like Mondays as I like daily life.
I'm on my own today. This is good as I want to practice very slow and carefully. Being alone I've time to explore the asanas and to do some extras. Second series is on my schedule.

What helped me most to progress in Ashtanga yoga:
1. It's indeed a daily practice.
2. It's a good! teacher.
3. To have a role model. Yesterday I watched again the videos of Laruga. I learn a lot from her practice. Yesterday I watched her practicing the standing sequence. Enjoy.
4. It's my pictures. To see myself on pictures doing an asana helped me a lot to improve.

I just counted the asanas of Advanced A: 32. This is a lot. Today I want to do second series, the standing sequence included to warm up the body.

I've a lot of projects to handle for the time being. Time to move on. The beginning of the year had drive. I want to keep this momentum.

One of the project is my villa motley. This is a life project as it seems. 

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