Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's all about the hips

A good question if one wants to understand a pose: What effect shall it have on the hips. Every asana influences the flexibility of the hip joint if done correctly, the question is in which direction shall the flexibility increase.

Having the hips in mind the performance of  the asanas improve at once. It's not about reaching the toes when practicing paschimottanasana i.e., this happens almost alone. It's about stretching and it's about the hips (and the hamstrings).
More than ever I realize how important the hips are when I exercise the poses of third series. The hip muscle needs to be strong and the hips need to be flexible.

Today I'll practice primary. I stick to my schedule. Hanumanasana (forward split) will be part of it. And I want to try to lift myself up into handstand after prasarita padottanasana.
I could add another twist (purna matsyendrasana i.e.) after the marichyasana C and D. It's easy to dress up primary in a reasonable way.
I also realized that there is marichyasana E and F and G and H. :) Hahaha,............just in case when I feel bored.

Time to move on........

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