Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It's all about the hips.

This morning I explored Advanced A series, at least the beginning. I wanted to understand which poses support these first advanced asanas. They don't come out of the blue, they go a bit further than what already was exercised.

Vasisthasana: This pose has roots in the standing sequence and in primary. The root asanas are utthita parsvasahita and supta parsvasahita. Exactly this hip opening is needed also when practicing vasisthasana. In addition one has to balance. Today I practiced first supta parsvasahita to open the hips while lying on the floor. I held the pose longer and repeated it. It was a good preparation.

Viswamitrasana is much more difficult. I tried the leg position without balancing on my hand and then I realized that parighasana is the pose that I can intensify in order to prepare viswamitrasana. But how?  I used my Indonasian chest to give me support (see picture). I prefer to repeat this and to do it regularly than to exaggerate and to risk injury.
In order to exit the pose, forward split (hanumanasna) must be able. I practiced also this. I must be patient, viswamitrasana requires a lot of time and attention.

The next variations of leg behind head poses kasyapasana and chakorasana improve slowly. So it is with bhairavasana. My experience: the leg cannot be far enough behind the back.

Skandasana is a wonderful pose, durvasana I omitted. I considered it as too intensive.

Urdhva kukkutasana A is possible for me, I exercised it as preparation for karandavasana when I practiced alone. I wanted to do an advanced balancing pose to approach karandavasana.

Then I played around a bit and realized, there is no easy pose to come. Hahaha, what have I thougth?

I can imagine that I'll do further session like this morning. To work more intensively on few poses instead of going from one asana to the next might be a good approach to those asanas who seem difficult. To focus on them and to start with them has the advantage that I'm warmed up, but rather fresh and still full of energy.

For me life is an experiment. I love to explore what is possible for me again and again in different areas of my life. I try to find out my limits, sometimes they are modest, sometimes astonishing. It's possible to push limits. What I don't practice I can neither explore nor improve nor  can I enjoy it. Giving my available energy (not only half of it) to matters or people I love makes my life spicy and passionate. (PS, it also gives me young aura, psssssst.)

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