Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It was a lumbago

A last post about my back pain: Yesterday I was at my family doctor to get a prescription. Of course I had to tell him my back pain story. "I had this case 3 times last week", he told me, "it's a lumbago. It often happens in spring and fall, when it's dump. You can be lucky that it disappeared so quickly. Usually it takes a week."

I felt deep satisfaction when I heard this. Yoga was not the cause. My strong flexible body might have helped me to adjust all the cells again so quickly.

To have a name for this happening calms me. Now I can put it away.
My doctor also assured me that yoga is very good for my hips.

This was it to that topic.

Yesterday I worked on my project no 1. I worked on my home here. Also today I want to spend 2 hours to make it more beautifully, to weed, to clean. It's a relief when things got done. As less possession as possible is the goal. Life must become simpler and simpler. My pomodoro, my timer that gets me going 25 min, again and again is very helpful.

At 2pm I'll meet G downtown. By now I want to have finished my yoga practice. Time to move on. 


Bettina said...

Hi Ursula,

it seems you are thinking quite a lot about what caused your back pain and if it might be related to Yoga. I would recommend to have a look at the very enlightening interview with Guruji, which was posted on Grimmly's blog lately. One of the sentences that struck me most was this one:
"Completely, you take primary! after you take intermediate. Perfect it. After take advanced and make perfect. No sick anymore. Long time living possible. That is method."
Maybe your body is trying to tell you that it is too early for advanced?

Ursula said...

Sorry Bettina, but it's more than reasonable to ask for the reason for such a sudden pain.

Different doctors told me it was not my yoga activity.

There is no such a thing like perfection. The practice needs to be adjusted as well. The English of P. Jois was very limited.

It might sound a bit unfriendly, but what qualifies you to tell me what is too early for me?

My body told me I had pain and a nerve was jammed. After having relaxed the muscles I felt well again. Why doing less than possible?