Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I rediscover primary.....

Upavishta konasana is one of the poses that is not yet as it is supposed to be. I could betray myself and bring the chin to floor. But then I wouldn't have understood the pose. It's about the hips. The flexibility of the hips shall improve, so far till finally the chin touches the floor. This is a side effect then. 
I stretch forward with each inhaling and then I try to use the hip muscle to get a bit deeper in the pose. 
I repeat this pose and I hold it longer than five breaths. The Indonesian chest helps me, too. I can pull my body forward with my hands under the chest. 

Supta parsvasahita is a key pose for the first pose of the third series. Finally the left leg shall touch the floor. It's also a hip opening asana. It helps me to relax into the pose when my foot of the stretched leg presses against the wall. This gives me stability and that way I can avoid that the hip of the stretched leg goes up. 

The vinyasas challenge me. 

Better a short practice than no practice.
Better a lousy practice than no practice.

This morning I had a good practice. Afterwards I had the feeling that it got easier in sum. 

The last few poses are very challenging at the end. I do them, I simply do them. More is not yet possible. Exercising the splits and supta parsvasahita shall bring me closer to the poses of third. 

 Pictures help me so much. They show me what I've to exercise. On the picture is chakorasana, one of 5 asanas I currently exercise. The leg behind the head must be much more down on my back. This is not something I see and then I do it. I've to exercise it. Again and again.

My bf is still at home, we'll have lunch together today. This pleases me. 

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