Saturday, May 05, 2012

I fear the next practice

I'm fully recovered from back pain. That day (the day before yesterday) where I had that awful back pain is so unreal. A nerve was jammed. This can happen. A wrong movement and voilà.

Nevertheless I fear the next practice. Today is Saturday but I want to test the sun salutations. I want to do a soft practice. Something new is perhaps not a good idea. Sweeney's series is too new to me. I can be creative today: I can practice some forward bending asanas, some twists and some backbending asanas. Then there are the balancing poses and inversions. When I do a few asanas of each category I'll have a balanced practice and I'll regain confidence.

Life can change from one second to the other. Planning life and events is a game, I love to play it. The outcome of anything is not in one's hand. This makes life so exciting. Life always comes with surprises.

Stay modest was the message of the pain for me. I am.

Meditation and pranayama  shall become part of my practice. 
It is already. I do udjyaj breathing during my practice. The whole practice is meditation.
To do pranayama seperately and to meditate without moving is a step further with it's own experiences.

I shake my head, while enjoying my cup of coffee. What was that for an adventure two days back. 


Kitharo said...

Great to hear you're feeling better -I hope the pain doesn't come back if you do sun salutations. If so you could still do some Yin could try this:

I think sometimes it's nice to some calm practice and give the body time to absorb everything that has been created.

Have a nice weekend :)

Ursula said...

Thank you, Kitharo,

it's very likely that the pain isn't caused through yoga. Nevertheless my yoga practice was/is touched by it during one day. Hahaha......

Much fuss about nothing.
This isn't true either.
I'm recovered after one day. How good. It was a nightmare. For sure.

Debb said...

I believe your quick recovery is because you practice yoga, your body is in excellent condition.

I had lunch yesterday with an old high school friend (we are 57 years old). She does NO exercise and she is hurting, can't walk up stairs without hip discomfort even. She was an athlete in highschool.. so sad... I was evangelistic in my sharing about benefits of yoga! She couldn't believe I don't have daily aches and pains upon rising in the morning... I used to 7 years ago, but all that has disappeared through yoga practice. If people would only embrace a yoga practice it truly could be life changing.. I think I convinced her.

Thank you, dear U, for your continued inspiring blog, even through the dark moments!

Do you tire of me telling you that?

Ursula said...

I always love to read your comments, I'm never ever tired of reading them!!!!!! big smiles here, too.....

Debb, to tell you the truth, it's very unlikely that I jammed the nerves during yoga. Perhaps it happened during a cleaning session when I had to lift all the books. Lol.
But this is true. I think it wasn't yoga, I talked to a doctor, not the one in the hospital who was overweight and didn't move at all.
I gave him my asana blog address with the warning that it might be that he'll get back pain while looking at the pictures. When I said this the pain killers were already active.....hahaha.......

Debb, we both keep going,......we know this is the best for us.

Stay healthy......:)

PS: I make the same experience when I meet people at my age. Illnesses, chronical pain is a topic. And we're like young Gods, don't you think so?

Good intensive practices for you.

krille59 said...

I am sorry to hear that you have a bad back pain and I hope that you will feeling better soon.
I think that during our ashtanga journey things like this can happen. It has happen to me a lot this last seven month and my yoga teacher told me the other day that she at this moment have pain in her elbows. So she cant do all the asanas that she use to do.

Ursula said...

Thank you for caring krille59.

I can scarcely remember my back pain. After less than 24 hours I was fully recovered.