Friday, May 18, 2012

Good morning, good morning.....

I'm up, a home practice is on the schedule. It will be primary again, like yesterday. Yesterday's practice was really satisfying, because I was concentrated. I practiced without music on, one asana after the other. The splits are part of every practice at home. I know I've to be patient here. It's possible to force oneself to the floor, but this might cause overstretched legs. Repetition is the secret. I guess I need 2 more years for this pose.
Usually I'm asked by non-yogis when they learn that I practice yoga: Can you do headstand?
The next question is: And can you do the splits?
These two poses are connected with yoga.

Yes, a long way down.

This is marichyasana F. It's part of Advanced B. It fits after the marichyasnas of primary. Currently I love to experiment a bit.  There is also marichyasana G and H. These poses require to put the leg behind the head. I've enough such poses for the time being, hahahaha.......

This is marichyasana E. It's all about the hips.

After primary and intensive back bending I was done. I was no more in the mood to do the asanas of third series. They are so challenging that I seem to avoid them. I plan to practice them today.

Vinyasa: I know what I've to exercise. I must swing backwards and forwards. Are my arms still too weak? Or do I lack technique? Sometimes I feel close to be able to do it. The vinyasas are important. They make Ashtanga yoga to what it is. 

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