Tuesday, May 01, 2012

First May

Komm, lass deinen Drachen steigen.......very freely translation of this song title: Come, fly.....it fits to the picture of today.

It's warm, this is good. An excursion is planned.

90% of Diabetes could be healed if people would change their life style. This illness is caused by an unhealthy life style, no movement, bad food. So it is with many heart issues.

So I had a healthy breakfast this morning: a banana, some nuts, soy yogurt. To start the day with a healthy meal is already a good start of my personal new year.

I spend every day 3 hours for my personal well-being, for being balanced. I write a private journal. It lasts 30 minutes. I practice in the meantime more than 2 hours yoga on a daily basis. It's for my body and my mind. With blogging and bathing it's 3 hours. This is enough. I don't go to yoga workshops, also not to the big animals. One learns always something. It's nice to see the committed yoginis. Nevertheless.........I don't go. Might some yoginis report the highlights. That would be great.

Time to move on. 

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